Self-Defense in the Soviet Union, Sound Familiar?

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From the Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn:



Know Your Weapons: Three Vintage Assaulters of our Forefathers: Kalthoff, Belton, Girandoni

Three Vintage Assaulters of our Forefathers: Kalthoff, Belton, Girandoni


Today’s article is not about “assault rifles” as you might think of them.

You’ll hear nothing of Stoner’s first black rifles designs, the STG-44, or the M1 Carbine. No, today we discuss firearms that will take the angst and ire of gun-hating hoplophobes and safe-space needing liberals to an entirely new level.

Yes, today we’ll be talking about the high-capacity weapons in use in the days before Jamestown was settled in Virginia and Shakespeare was still alive.

We’re talking about the so-called “Lewis and Clark Air Rifle” (Girandoni Air Rifle), Kalthoff Repeater, and the Belton Flintlock. And for the record, “superposed load” is not a category or tag on naughty movie sites.

These are guns that do not quite fit the idea of a Second Amendment written “just for single-shot firearms”.


Halloween Tokyo Subway Attack by Knife Wielding Man dressed as “Joker”

Tokyo Subway Attack: 17 Injured, No Gun Needed


Once again proving Mental Illness does not need a GUN to wreak havoc, but if you want to STOP a knife wielding whacko, a GUN comes in real handy.

House Passes “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Bill For Ex-Military Members — And Lots Of Republicans Voted For It

No big Surprise there. The GOP and DNC are fleas on the same diseased dog.


The war on the Second Amendment continues. This time, gun control was slipped into the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act. One provision in the bill allows for military courts to confiscate guns from ex-members of the military. The military court would be able to issue a protective order which would make the owning of a […]

House Passes “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Bill For Ex-Military Members — And Lots Of Republicans Voted For It — partneringwitheagles

Liberals and Firearms Never Mix

Union Says Baldwin Prop Gun Had Single Live Round


All I have to say about this is what do you friggin expect?

People often HATE what they are IGNORANT and/or SCARED of, and so it is with LIBERALS and FIREARMS.

Why a LIVE round was even close to a movie set still remains the Million Dollar Question.

I agree with the author in that I don’t think it was an actual LIVE round but a SQUIB round that malfunctioned and became a deadly projectile, just like with the tragic incident with Brandon Lee on the set of The Crow in 1993.

Like all possible WRONGFUL DEATH cases, we will have to wait for the AUTOPSY to give us all the answers.

What is hilarious to me is how liberal toilet paper rags like The Atlantic are trying to spin this as a “Inherent” Gun Safety Issue (Guns are Dangerous!) instead of just saying that Baldwin ( a virulent far-left Hollyweird liberal) was irresponsible and unsafe because he is basically ignorant of firearms to begin with.

Listen folks, it’s Simple: Guns are Dangerous only when the People Handling them are morons.