Go Armed!

“Spiritual Suicide”

When the “mainstream media” refer to “mass shootings,” we never get to know what kind of gun(s) was used. They know, but they won’t tell us, unless of course it’s an M4, Kalashnikov, et al, one of the ones they want confined to their political bedfellows, but banned from ownership by us “ordinary citizens.”

In any event, here is a paragraph or two you’ll never hear, nor read:

“Not one of the murdered/injured, bystanders, nor witnesses at this massacre were armed and thereby able to effectively stop this attack. Both company policy and state law prohibits the carrying of concealed weapons by these aforementioned persons. The sad, but predictable, result of these manufactured ‘gun-free zones’ is, as always, pitiable carnage.

How did that ‘run, hide, fight (without weapons)’ advice work this time?

About as well as it always does?

And of course, where were our vaunted ‘security personnel?’ Hiding, like everyone else?”

Why are these words never, ever spoken at “mass shooting” scenes?

Meanwhile, boot-licking “woke” CEOs, who are just dying to climb in bed with every Democrat politician they can suck-up to, decry our Second Amendment as they dutifully mouth assorted other classic Communist propaganda.

Americans may are buying-up the entire retail supply of firearms and ammunition, and then some, but most are leaving those firearms at home, deeply fearful of violating a leftist “malum prohibitum,” issued by hand-wringing, woke CEOs (timidly peering-out from between their cadre of heavily-armed bodyguards), and also mandated by a sleazy, hypocritical Democrat-heavy state legislatures, and city councils.

Neither want American citizens doing anything to take care of themselves!

They want only victims, lots of victims. They want all Americans to think of themselves only as pathetic victims.

Indeed, they want you to consider perpetual victimhood to be your sacred civic duty!

They love victims, but only as long as they stay victims!

When you don’t want to be a victim, indeed refuse to be a victim, they hate your guts!

Listen to them!


“Self-pity is spiritual suicide.”

Anthon St Maarten

Texas News: Texas Senate Passes Bill to Get Rid of License to Carry Fee

Texas Senate Passes Bill to Get Rid of License to Carry Fee


This is awesome but it’s a small victory in light of what we could have.

I urge all Texans to email, phone or smoke signal their Texas House Representative and State Senator and tell them to get HB 1927 PASSED!

Constitutional Carry for Texas is LONG Overdue!


SCOTUS: Police Cannot Seize Guns Without A Warrant

SCOTUS: Police Cannot Seize Guns Without A Warrant


I don’t know about you but the term “Community Caretaking” never sat right with me, most likely because it originated from Socialist ideology that the STATE knew what was best for individuals and the POLICE act as the arm of the STATE.

That is why this landmark decision needs to be applied across the board regarding Red Flag Laws; the unjustified, unconstitutional process of seizing a citizen’s firearms without warrant based solely on ACCUSATION OF MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Idaho Governor signs law preventing State from enforcing Biden’s gun control proposals

It’s time for all States to Stand up to this Federal Tyranny and Unconstitutional non-sense.

America's Watchtower

Back at the end of April, in anticipation of Joe Biden’s expected gun control Executive Actions, Montana’s Governor signed a bill into law which would protect his residents from said actions. At that time we learned there were 12 other States that were preparing legislation along the same lines and now, according to this story, another State has followed suit. Idaho Governor Brad Little has signed a law to prohibit Joe Biden’s gun control Executive Orders from being enforced. Here is more:

Idaho Gov. Brad Little (R) signed legislation Monday to prohibit enforcement of the executive actions for gun control put forth by President Joe Biden.

One outworking of those executive actions has been the Department of Justice’s attempt to reclassify certain gun parts kits as “firearms.”

The executive actions are also expected to lead to DOJ action against AR-pistols with stabilizer braces.

The new law is retroactive to January 20…

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Texas News: Texas Constitutional Carry Coming Soon

Texas Senate Committee Recommends Passage of Constitutional Carry


This has been Long Overdue, Let’s get her done!