Situational Awareness (What NOT To Do)

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Keep Your Eye on Guy on the Far Right in Blue Shirt

Another Real World Lesson to Keep Your Head Out of Your Damn Phone!



More Than a Third of White Students Lie About Their Race in College Admissions

More Than a Third of White Students Lie About Their Race in College Admissions

The bottom line with this as in all things with Corrupt Marxist Academia is MONEY.

Kids that are “Other Than White” get more money in federally subsidized grants, better loan rates and overall better treatment.

I am SICK of Liberal Academia and it’s Anti-White Identity/Pro-Homosexual/Trans-Human/Marxist  agenda.

We all know Multiculturalism is a SHAM but in Academia it is also a BUSINESS.

It’s main focus is FUNNELING LARGE amounts of Federal Money to Black and Brown kids so the more deserving WHITE kids (Who have higher GPA’s out of High School) are forced to get higher interest bank loans instead of receiving the Federally subsidized grants they worked hard to get in High School and are entitled to receive.

This is why a large percentage of WHITE Students with a Four Year College Degree have over $150K in Student Loan debt versus the Black and Brown Student who on average have less than $25K.

Think Seriously where your Kids get their Higher Education from folks.

Shootout at 10 Feet

Lot of rounds fired at close range but only one ATF agent was seriously wounded and the Wanted Black Drug Fugitive in the Black SUV was killed.

Amazing no by-standers were killed and wounded considering this was outside a busy family Restaurant on a busy street.

Just goes to show how LOW LEVELS OF TRAINING and STRESS effected the criminal’s shooting accuracy regardless of the range of the fight!

Prepare Accordingly.


Article of the Week: Welcome To Bidenland – Where The Cartels Are Not In Control Of Our Southern Border


Welcome To Bidenland – Where The Cartels Are Not In Control Of Our Southern Border


Most folks have not wrapped their head around the fact this is a complicit INVASION of the United States with one goal:


Depopulation is the Erasure of Ethos


If it’s population reduction, literally, I have seen no hardcore evidence of slaughter.

Plans for slaughter may exist.

I have seen hardcore evidence of a full-throttled attack, from all four compass points, upon the world’s most capable and competent collective identities, which I have read or witnessed, since the day I was born, four decades ago:

  • Syria -the road to Damascus, in the Middle East, the continued, persistent, malicious attempts at destabilization of Syria, by the Clandestine Intelligence Agency and those that do War by Deception.
  • Iran – Persia, at the junction of Central Asia, South Asia and the Middle East, we see Globohomogayplex-imposed economic sanctions (which restrict Iranian people and government of participating in trade, the most basic of human rights). False flag events to taunt Iran into war. Coup and bullshit Argo. Demonization thru all Chosen Media.
  • Russia – Rus’ people, originally Norse people, assimilation with Greek, Baltic…

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