In this emerging global environment, an even deadlier Covid-20 would become a nearly ideal weapon of mass destruction, because unlike nuclear-tipped ICBMs, its Chinese origins would be deniable and unprovable. The Chinese Communist Party would claim that Covid-20 was a natural mutation that sprang up in the West. They would be able sit back and…


COVID-19 Data Study: Ammunition Sales Continue to Soar

COVID-19 Data Study: Ammunition Sales Continue to Soar in Response to Coronavirus Panic

For those fellow civilian operators out there who for the last decade have been investing not in gold and stocks but in LEAD, especially reloading supplies, give yourself a pat on the back.

You are officially ahead of the Sheeple curve.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Preppers Having Their ‘Moment’?

Another good read from NC Scout.

If there is one thing the martial civilian should take away from this goat rodeo, it is this:

But for me at least, prepping was never about having stuff, but rather having skills to back up the right items. Its about a mindset. The things people are snapping up now are unheard of items in much of the rest of the world, and while we could sit and point to other factors they deal with on an everyday basis, they also live fairly simple lives. Other corners of the world, for their lack of modernity, also do not fear the loss of such. Why is that? Because they have the underlying skills to survive. “

It reminds me of a couple of similar sayings:

“Amateurs talk Hardware. Professionals talk Software.” -Anonymous

“Amateurs talk Strategy. Professionals talk Logistics.” -General Omar Bradley

Speaking for myself and my clan, going forward from here we going to concentrate more sincerely on taking more of a minimalist approach to life in terms of “stuff” and focus more on learning and honing SKILLS.


So, preppers, are we having our ‘moment’? It would certainly seem as though a lot of folks are preppers now. Judging by the level of panic buying it seems like hindsight is 2020 for a great deal of people. 18 more words

via Preppers Having Their ‘Moment’? — American Partisan

Beware of SWATTING

We are now living in a culture where the Legally Armed Citizen faces threats from not only the Criminal but also Law Enforcement in the form of Unconstitutional Red Flag Laws and Swatting (False Police Reports Filed on You by a third party accusing you of armed violent acts).

Logic dictates the Key to Swatting is how the responding Law Enforcement Agency handles the situation.

In the Video Below it is Handled VERY BADLY.



A Kentucky man filed a lawsuit against two police departments earlier this month, alleging officers violently dragged him out his home and threw him to the ground while investigating a shooting that turned out to be a false alarm.

The September 2019 bodycam footage was released in light of the lawsuit Frank Serapiglia, 71, filed against the Louisville Metro and Jeffersontown Police Departments on March 5. KDRB reported that officers were banging on Serapiglia’s door after receiving a false call that he had shot his wife in the head.

Bodycam footage shows Serapiglia open the door seconds before an officer grabs him and hurls him outside — where he lands face-first onto the pavement. An officer is heard yelling for Serapiglia to “get on the f***ing ground” as Serapiglia says he can’t breathe and asks what’s happening.

According to KDRB, Louisville Metro police Officer Stettler told Sergeant Jerome Passafume that Serapiglia was being “non-compliant” and refused to leave his home. Stettler reportedly also claimed that the septuagenarian had “lost his footing” when Officer William Kline hurled him from his front door.

The news station reported that Serapiglia’s wife made the emergency call from their home. She was in a “delusional state” when she called 911 and claimed her husband shot her in the head, according to the lawsuit.

Footage shows Serapiglia’s wife coming outside during the ordeal. While she appears disheveled, she is unharmed, prompting an officer to tell dispatch that a shooting hadn’t occurred.

“We’re out,” a Jeffersontown police officer says as another officer laughs.

Notably, Serapiglia remained handcuffed for several minutes as he tried to grasp what had occurred. His wife ultimately tells him that she called 911 because he shot her in the head. Serapiglia then berates the officers for how they responded to the call.

“What did think we were going to do? Say ‘Hey good morning, did shoot your wife in the head?’,” a sergeant asks Serapiglia.

Still handcuffed, Serapiglia explains that his wife suffers from mental health issues and seizures and was recently hospitalized. His lawyer told WDRB that police should’ve known the call was suspicious as Serapiglia’s wife couldn’t tell the 911 dispatcher whether she was bleeding and she didn’t sound distressed or afraid.

“Thank you guys, for f**king protecting me,” Serapiglia is heard saying after a back-and-forth with officers.

Serapiglia was reportedly hospitalized for multiple injuries, including head trauma.

The city of Jeffersontown is also listed as a defendant in the lawsuit. Jefferson police have not provided the bodycam footage or any other documents pertaining to last year’s emergency call, according to the suit.

Both police departments declined to comment on the pending litigation.

The Oldest Companies In Existence

Informative Read, especially when you read BETWEEN the lines.


In just a few decades, it’s possible that some of today’s most recognized companies may no longer be household names.

In the 1960s, a typical S&P 500 company was projected to last for more than 60 years. However, with the rapidly transforming business landscape today, it’s down to just 18 years.

For centuries, here are the world’s oldest corporations which have made their mark:

Whether they were born out of necessity to support a rapidly growing population—requiring new infrastructure and more money circulation—or simply to satisfy peoples’ thirst for alcohol or hunger for fried chicken, these companies continue to play a lasting role.

Read more here at Zero Hedge

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Texas: University Caught Using Robocall Scammers to Conduct Fake News Red Flag Poll

This does not surprise me in the least.

Austin and the Leftist University of Texas have been a blight upon the great State of Texas for decades.

Be Smart Folks.

Believe Nothing you hear and only Half of what you See Until Verified.

The uber left-wing University of Texas gleefully reported on a survey they claimed proved that Texans wanted: Expanded background checks for weapons purchases (86%) A ban on large capacity magazines over ten rounds (55%) A ban on assault weapons (58%) Enactment of Red Flag gun laws (68%) Mandatory buyback of assault weapons (44%) Note: the…

via Texas: University Caught Using Robocall Scammers to Conduct Fake News Red Flag Poll — DC Clothesline

Reality Check: Are You Good Enough to Take a Head Shot When Everything is On the Line?

Are You Good Enough to Take a Head Shot When Everything is On the Line?


A No BS article about the stark reality of head shots.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!