Texas News: More Hate Crime on Whites

In Plano, TX, A Muslim And A Hindu Were Arrested For The Shooting Death Of A White Teen

Pay attention Folks, this is what “Multi-Culturalism” in America looks like and ultimately achieves.

Even the Fake News Cartel of CBS News said this was a “Targeted incident.”

So where are the Federal Hate Crime Charges against these two POS for the MURDER of Jacob Rusk?

Oh Yeah the victim is WHITE and that does not jive with the current national narrative that “White Supremacist” are the real threat in America, so I guess this get’s swept under the proverbial PC rug?

Make No Mistake Folks, We are on our Own.

Gear Up and Lock and Load for the Worst is yet to come.


Hostage Escape T&T

Hostage Escape Tools and Techniques


Always consider the worse case scenario and Train for It.

We are now living in a time when being detained against your will is a more likely scenario than ever before.

Train and Equip Accordingly.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Secrets of Escaping Duct Tape


I came across this via Greg Ellefrtiz’s site Active Response Training.



Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Atlanta is Turning into an Open War Zone


BLM is Opening Fire on Passing Vehicles.

Where are the Police? They are all re-signing.

70 Atlanta Cops Have Resigned After Officer Rolfe Faces Murder Charge, Dept. Is 60% Black


You are on your Own out there Folks.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

ECQ In Fight Weapon Access

If you carry a handgun for self-defense and do not routinely pressure test IN FIGHT Weapon Access with Force-on-Force drills, you are cutting yourself short in being prepared for a real world encounter on the mean streets.

Most FIGHTS on the street are at EXTREME CLOSE QUARTER (ECQ) distances, ie “Bad Breath Distance”.

IMO next to Kelly Mccann, Craig Williams aka “Southnarc” has some of the best training around on Combative Handgun.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!