10 Key Tips to Clearing Corners That May Save Your Ass

10 Key Tips to Clearing Corners That May Save Your Ass


For the armed citizen, knowing how to properly and safely “Clear your Home” room by room, is an integral skill-set.

I recommend practicing clearing your house at least once a month with a “dry run” (unloaded weapon when everybody is out of the house) to maintain the edge.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Empty-Hand Skill’s Win The Day

MMA fighter springs into action to take down NYC assault suspect


The more Skill-Set’s You have in your Toolbox, the more effective you can be in the protection of yourself and others.

Don’t have Empy Hand Skills? Pick one and Learn! I always tell people Boxing or Street Combatives is the best place to start.

My Father got me involved in Boxing at a young age and it was the foundation for all the other Mixed Martial Arts I learned over the years.

NEVER rely on a Weapon for Self-Defense!

Your approach should be the same regardless if it is empty hand, stick, knife or gun.

One Mind, Any Weapon should be your motto!


Oregon is FULL of Pedophile Teachers

Oregon Fourth-Grade Teacher Charged with Attempted Rape of Two Minors


If the above headline was not sickening enough, ANOTHER gay pervert Teacher by the name of Dean Wright from Oregon (this time in the city of Salem just two and a half hours away) has been arrested for sending inapprorpriate images to a middle schooler.

This is the end result when you pamper and tolerate aberrant and perverted behavior in a society instead of elminating it.


Animals Among Us ..

It’s getting to the point where Black Drug Addict POS are attempting to Rape Women in Public Places Folks.

Stay Armed and Ready.


Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Stay armed and vigilant and avoid Wal-Mart!!

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Percentage of Foreign Sex Offenders Skyrocketing

Migrants are said to have raped a Ukrainian woman in accommodation


This article caught my eye for the primary reason that it validates something I have noticed in the past few years.

Regardless of the geography, whether it be the U.S. or Europe, the predominant number of sex crimes being committed are being done by “imported illegal immigrants” and by “imported” I mean with the Government’s full support.

Those sex crimes include rape, sexual assault and child rape as well.

If you don’t believe that fact, go over to Illegal Alien Crime Report and scroll down the list of recent offenders.

In the process of the Great Replacement where the globalist powers that be are attempting to change the cultural and political landscape by importing the third world, innocent people’s lives, mostly women and children, are being ruined forever.

Stand Up to the Rising of the Tide.