Flag of our Nation

Flag of our Nation


The tragic results of decades of Multiculturalism in the U.K., Europe and Australia is growing more and more evident as the rebellion to COVID tyranny grows.

Those tragic results simply put are WEAKNESS and DIS-UNITY.

If I have said it once I have said it ten thousand times:

Multiculturalism is a NATION KILLER.



“Because even though the vast majority of people present are white, they are not unified. The obvious truth of that statement is reflected in the number of different flags on display.

Every different flag is a cause of division. Some of the flags are of entirely different countries. It is antithetical to me that people would take part in a political march while holding aloft the flag of a different nation. If I were present at a demonstration in Italy I would not be seen dead with an Australian flag. So why do we see them here?

Because we have been invaded. And there are too many of them to be like us. They are not like us, which is why their allegiance is to another flag, another nation, another people.”

Quoting from a previous article by the same author:

“Judging by the photos and videos that I saw, the same montage of white faces was repeated around the country. This was not just a demonstration, this was an Australian demonstration. And by Australians I mean actual Australians, not second and third world blow-ins clutching a piece of scrap paper that somehow changes their genetic identity under the magical auspices of civic nationalism.

The enormous numbers of Chinese and Indians that inhabit the country, numbering in the millions, somehow had no time last Saturday to venture out of their homes and participate in the great show of public dedication to save muh democracies. And why would they? Why are they going to get involved in white people’s problems? They’re not going to stick their necks out and risk being sent back to the shitholes from which they managed to escape. No matter how totalitarian Australia becomes, they’re still better off here than where they came from. They’ll put up with just about anything.

Which is why they were brought here in the first place. We didn’t have a shortage of taxi drivers. Nor did we have a shortage of teenage kids to work in fast food outlets. Nor were we hard up for people to pump fuel into your car. No, what we had was a chronic aversion by our traitorous politicians to put up with our native Anglo population and its inability to collectively swallow their lies for a sustained period of time.

Politicians in this country are terrified of their own Anglo population. But at the same time they have managed to brainwash this same population to believe in the fairy dust world of democracy.

Which is a lie. Power to the people is actually power from the people, if you replace the people with those who are much more compliant.”



Do you see the Globalist blueprint folks?

It’s exactly the same one used here in the United States.

Replace Freedom loving White People with Black, Brown and Yellow People who could give two-shit’s about this Nation as long as they are placated with the basic necessities of life to include, food, housing and health care.

The Seeds of Multiculturalism planted long ago under the guise of bleeding heart humanitarianism and helping poor illegal immigrants “escape tyranny” has ultimately created a weak, unstable and divided Country.

The sooner we see Multiculturalism as a TACTIC OF WAR, the sooner we can react as SOLDIERS should in WAR:

Without Pity, Remorse or Fear.

Prepare and Act Accordingly.


Random Musings for the Armed Citizen


With “Permitless” Carry taking effect in my home state of Texas September 1st  I had some thoughts:

One of the things I learned very early on when I started carrying a gun for self-defense was that I needed to adpot a mentality of Avoidance, Deterrence and De-Escalation if I wanted to stay vertical and out of prison.

  • Avoid Dangerous places and Stupid People

  • Deter Criminal Behavior with Acute and Constant Situational Awareness

  • De-Escalate heated situations with an apology and submissive behavior (Tuck your Ego and Temper In. Be the bigger man and Squash a Verbal altercations with an apology and move on.)


Most all of you know I am NOT a fan of Open Carry.

If you are going to carry a gun for self-defense, go concealed or don’t go at all.

The reasoning is simple: SURPRISE is one of the biggest advanatges the armed citizen has against a criminal, especially now in Texas when the odds are very high that every person that a criminal comes into contact with MAY BE armed!

Once the criminal knows a gun is involved it changes things dramatically.

It can work FOR the armed citizen (the deterrence factor) or it can work AGAINST them.

Just remember: EVERY altercation you are going to be involved in there will be a GUN present, YOURS!

For this reason I am a Firm believer in the armed citizen getting solid Weapon Retention Training.

Going along with the Concealment MO, you might re-consider your blade carry as well.

A pocket Clip folder is handy but it is also noticeable.

Instead, go for a horizontal fixed blade belt carry.

Lot of great options out there like the Cinch Pick.

Something to chew on.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous.

Trickle Down Political Corruption?

Mayor in Cass County accused of including anti-Trump letter with water bills


One of the most depressing side effects of gross political FEDERAL corruption by the Democrat Communist is how it influences and “trickles down” to the state and local levels of government.

Don’t get me wrong, this is nothing new and has been around since politics was invented but in this author’s humble opinion at no other time in history has it been so blatant and sinister as in 2020 by the Democrats.

There is no doubt that the gross election fraud that has been committed by Biden and his innumerable ilk of co-conspirators has influenced other politicians at all levels of Government, even trickling down to the small town Black TX Mayor!

Mark my words, If Pervy Joe and his ilk get’s in the White House things like this will become common place and even acceptable because it follows the corrupt marxist agenda to the letter.

Stand up to the Rising of the Red Tide.

Rant Corner: The Left’s Continued Attempt to Defile and Brainwash our Kids and Young Adults with the LGBTQ Agenda

The much anticipated Part Two of the Post-Apocalyptic Zombie video game Last of Us (designed by Naughty Dog Studios) was just released and it did not take long to see that the “Woke”SJW designers could not resist putting their disgusting stamp on it.

One of the main characters, Ellie, who is now an adult, turns out to be (SURPRISE!) a Lesbian and about oh, 30 minutes into the game has a full on lesbian sex scene with another young woman in an abandoned library. This homosexual “relationship” by the way seems to drive the story line and it is obvious the writers intent was to make it seem as “normal” as possible.

But wait, it get’s worse. Much worse.

Another character in the game shows up called  “Abby” another very “muscular” young woman who is part of a militia group who seem to be hunting Joel.

It is not until the end of the game that you discover Abby is in fact a tranny (a dude dressed up like a woman) and has a full on sex scene with another dude, (more like a prison rape scene to be honest.)

Watch at your own risk HERE

So basically, Tranny Porn is now deemed acceptable for video games?

Is this what is has come to folks?

Is the ultimate goal of the left’s so called “cultural revolution” to defile and brainwash our young adults to think this kind of FILTH is OK?

To morally bankrupt an entire generation with this transgender confusion?

For one thing why is SEXUALITY or GENDER even an issue or part of the narrative with a post-apocalyptic video game about zombies and survival?

The answer is simple. This is a very popular video game franchise with millennials and gen Z and The Left (ie the DNC) wants to divide this country along racial and so called “gender identity” lines to such a degree that we become a fractured failed state where Socialism is the only answer.

If you don’t believe me just go and read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, it’s all in there in black and white.

Stand Up to the Rising Tide and Make America Straight Again!