Random Musings for the Armed Citizen


With “Permitless” Carry taking effect in my home state of Texas September 1st  I had some thoughts:

One of the things I learned very early on when I started carrying a gun for self-defense was that I needed to adpot a mentality of Avoidance, Deterrence and De-Escalation if I wanted to stay vertical and out of prison.

  • Avoid Dangerous places and Stupid People

  • Deter Criminal Behavior with Acute and Constant Situational Awareness

  • De-Escalate heated situations with an apology and submissive behavior (Tuck your Ego and Temper In. Be the bigger man and Squash a Verbal altercations with an apology and move on.)


Most all of you know I am NOT a fan of Open Carry.

If you are going to carry a gun for self-defense, go concealed or don’t go at all.

The reasoning is simple: SURPRISE is one of the biggest advanatges the armed citizen has against a criminal, especially now in Texas when the odds are very high that every person that a criminal comes into contact with MAY BE armed!

Once the criminal knows a gun is involved it changes things dramatically.

It can work FOR the armed citizen (the deterrence factor) or it can work AGAINST them.

Just remember: EVERY altercation you are going to be involved in there will be a GUN present, YOURS!

For this reason I am a Firm believer in the armed citizen getting solid Weapon Retention Training.

Going along with the Concealment MO, you might re-consider your blade carry as well.

A pocket Clip folder is handy but it is also noticeable.

Instead, go for a horizontal fixed blade belt carry.

Lot of great options out there like the Cinch Pick.

Something to chew on.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous.

Thinning out the Herd

Dog chewed off own leg after being left in cold with no food, frozen water

As a writer I am always looking for new ideals for a short story or novel and I think I found one.

How about as a society we start rounding up all the assholes like this who mistreat animals out of pure laziness or cruelty and place them in the exact same situation as the animal: Chained up by the leg outside in sub-zero temperatures with little to no shelter, no food and no water.

We then place a camera nearby with a live link (similar to when the Bald Eagle’s were raising their young) and wait and see how DEEP the resolve of this POS is to live.

Will they, like this amazingly brave dog, chew off their own appendage to survive?

Or will they sit there feeling sorry for themselves hoping somebody comes to their rescue before they freeze to death?

We can only hope for the latter, but either way it would be a great object lesson in THINNING OUT THE HERD of all the worthless POS in our modern society that don’t deserve to be here sharing this planet with the rest of us.

Just another Random Musing from the mind of the Tactical Hermit.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Random Thoughts: Hurricanes and Hustles


Hurricane Matthew

From the looks of things, after it goes over Haiti, this thing is tracking toward the East Coast of Florida, possibly a Cat 3 when it makes landfall. Of course it is a crap shoot on how these things turn out, but the smart thing to do right now if you live on the East Coast of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina is to PREPARE now for high winds, flooding, power loss, etc.

On a program last night on the Weather Channel they were talking to a news anchor who lived in Haiti and she said from what she had seen in the last several hurricanes that had hit there is that most people wait until the last minute to prepare, which explains the massive number of casualties you usually hear about in these island nations.

Don’t become a statistic…..PREPARE NOW!


Kardashian Theft

I typically don’t comment on anything regarding “celebrities” because honestly, I don’t give a crap.

There are much more important things that deserve our attention in the world than who is screwing who, who is divorcing who or who is going to rehab for sniffing glue.(ha ha that rhymed unintentionally).

But this incident is interesting to the CO for a couple of different reasons: One, it is a good example of how the criminal elements in the world work and function, even among the “legitimate” world and Two, There is a serious security cautionary message for the CO in this tale.

First of all, let’s address the elephant in the room.

It is my opinion that this whole thing was an inside job from beginning to end; an elaborate INSURANCE SCAM initiated by Kardashian and her thuggish husband Kanye West.

You see, folks who have a ton of money ALWAYS insure their valuables. This includes  clothes, shoes, jewelry, whatever, It also applies to financial instruments like bearer bonds, in which there is a huge demand on the BLACK MARKET for, especially in Europe, but that is a different story altogether.

But Why would they do this you ask? I mean go to all this trouble to have your own stuff stolen?

Well there are a ton of reasons… DEBT being the primary one. You have to remember folks, just because somebody appears “Wealthy” does not mean everything is Rosy in Paradise; more often than not, these type of people stay in financial straits due to bad investments, gambling or drug problems, the list goes on.

So, if you are enterprising enough and are willing to play the odds that you will not be caught, You hire a crack team of bandits to “rob” you.

Kardashian then files a claim on the insurance in which ultimately, after a long investigation, she will be reimbursed 100% of what was lost.

Meanwhile, the bandits are allowed to fence the jewels and gold on the Black market and depending on the prior agreement, keep anywhere from 50 to 60% while the remaining 40% or so goes back to Kardashian. So at the end of the day Kardashian and West walk away with 140%.

If you do the math on the value of the jewels stolen (at least what they are TELLING us was stolen) which is $11 Million, 40% of that is $4.4 Million, so Kardashian and West walk away with roughly $15.4 Million after this little con while the jewel thieves, depending on what they can get from their fence (say 60% of the jewels value or better)  take home roughly $6.6 Million. Please bear in mind these are estimated rough figures; I have no ideal the current black market fence price for jewels and gold in Paris or Switzerland or wherever they went to dump them!

But even if my math is off a tad, you can still see how this is not bad for 10 minutes worth of work!

Bear in mind though,  that is just one possible scenario and I may be totally wrong.

Kardashian may have been simply the victim of a well planned and executed robbery.

It certainly would not be the first at this Hotel if you read about it’s history and background.

And that brings us to our Cautionary Tale Tip of the Day:

DO NOT advertise what you own (jewels, firearms, antiques, etc.) on SOCIAL MEDIA!!

This clueless woman posted pictures of this jewelry on Instagram, including a ring worth $4 million!!!

I have said for years Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) is a BAD ideal, and this is just ONE of the MANY reasons why.

Thieves and Criminals absolutely love social media for the simple fact a large percentage of clueless sheeple do the criminals “legwork” for them! Now, the crook does not have to go out physically and LOOK for an easy mark, all they have to do is log on to Facebook and pick one.

Don’t be that clueless guy or gal!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!