Anti-White is now Official Government Policy

NIH to Discriminate Against Whites in Awarding Research Grants

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has now created a program to award about $20 million in grant money exclusively to black researchers, thus favoring research not because of its merit but solely because of the skin color of the grantee.

It’s quite obvious that Discrimination against Whites is being OPENLY encouraged and justified by this Government.

Prepare Accordingly.


Guns and Gangs PSA


Bottom Line, The Government is the Biggest Gang/Mafia There is and our Forefathers Knew It.

That Fact Alone is Why You Should Fight to Stay Armed No Matter What.

Ethan Liming’s Three Black Murderers Arrested

Three Black Males Arrested For Beating, Stomping Death Of White 17-Year-Old Ethan Liming


As is always the case, Ethan Liming’s Murder got swept under the rug because the race of the victim was just not dark enough.

Where is the Social Justice outcry for Federal Hate Crime Charges?

Oh That only applies to when Black People Get Killed, right?

The bad news is Ohio is limp wristed when it comes to Capital Punishment so these 3 Baboons will most likely just get tax-payer funded life vacations.


Behold: The Glorious Benefits of Diversity in America

H/T Revolver



Sheeeeeet…This is nothing compared to when their Food Stamp Money runs out.

Prepare Accordingly.



FUSA Bulletin: Racial Home Ownership Gap?

Fannie and Freddie unveil plans to tackle the racial homeownership gap


(I found this headline on Revolver btw, I do not peruse CNN for fear of contracting some form of STD or monkeypox germ)

What the Fuck is this nonsense?

Since when is it the Gubmint’s job to erase “gaps” that clearly exist because Dindu Tyrone historically do not pay their bills and have lower credit scores than Whites?

As if the Economy was not in bad enough shape now we are setting up for a repeat of the 2008 Mortgage Crisis?


Prepare Accordingly.