Black on White Violence: Her Name is Allison Rice

Her Name Is Allison Rice: White LSU Coed “Randomly” Murdered In Suspected Black Gang Initiation Rite


Another WHITE Female senselessly gunned down by a BLACK GANG.

Allison Rice was a Junior at LSU with One Year Left until graduation.

A Beautiful Young Woman with her entire life ahead of her, murdered in cold blood.

I guess those violent “MAGA Domestic Terrorist and White Supremacist” had the night off, huh Joe?

My Heartfelt Condolences go out to the Rice Family.

May Justice Fall Swiftly on the Head of the Evildoer.



Black on White Crime: Her Name Is Allison Parker

Her Name Is Allison Parker: White Nurse Murdered In Front Of Her Daughter While Trying To Help Black Mass Shooter Who Crashed His Car During Memphis Facebook Livestreaming Melee


All of this recent political divison rhetoric is a SMOKE SCREEN, a DISTRACTION from the real facts, which are:

Black Crime is rampant and Anti-White sentiment is being openly fostered and encouraged by every level of Government.

All of this equals one thing: Increased Violence against Whites.

Prepare Accordingly.


Texas News: Dallas Asian Business Owner Gunned Down by Group of Blacks

Slaying of Jin Shin occurred after minor fender-bender, affidavit says


Black Crime is skyrocketing across the country so the propaganda machine invents the MAGA Boogeyman and the White Supremacist Domest Terrorist to distract attention.

It’s the oldest sleight of hand trick in the book and millions are falling for it.


FUSA Bulletin: Memphis Blacks boast about plans to shoot Whites: “I hope y’all ready”…

Memphis Blacks boast about plans to shoot Whites: “I hope y’all ready”…


Crime Awareness: The “Knockout Game”, a.k.a. “Polar Bear Hunting”, is back

The “Knockout Game”, a.k.a. “Polar Bear Hunting”, is back


While all the liberal soft brains are worried about those pesky MAGA Domestic Terrorist all of us decent White Folks need to be concerned with the resurgence of Domestic Polar Bear Hunting.

Once again Black on White Violence trumps Clown World Propaganda, go figure.

It’s times like these that the works of Colin Flaherty ring true.