The Goal

Been thinking a lot about Goals.

Not just my goals but what should be THE GOAL of every decent TRUE white person reading this blog.

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”

Have you fully assimilated what these words mean?

Have you come to the conclusion that nothing else matters except these words?

Now before you answer understand this:

Your life, your possessions, your talents, everything you have needs to be laid upon the altar so to speak to secure our children’s future.

So again I will ask: Are you sold out to this ideal?

Are you, right now, using everything the Good Lord blessed you with to SECURE their future?

As the old saying goes “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.”

Are you using your TALENTS for the greater good?

If not, Start Today!

Nothing could be more important I assure you.






Interracial Crime in 2023: A Full Breakdown

Interracial Crime in 2023: A Full Breakdown


I don’t think I need to tell you that black on White crime is out of control in America. Violence against White Americans is not exclusive to the Negro. While Hispanic on White crime is not nearly as high as it is with their black counterparts, but it is far higher than White on Hispanic. While the jewish media focuses on the rare instances where a dindu gets themself shot by a White cop or even beaten to death by fellow “brothas” they always find a way to blame the White man. None of these cases were given the light of day by the mainstream media, and the victims’ families almost never get the justice they deserve.

So far in 2023, anti-White violence has claimed the lives of far too many of our people. Here is the full list of victims, and we’re only one month into the year. We need to do everything in our power to take back our nations.

List was published on National Conservative News

It is really heartbreaking when you take into account that our people are basically slaughtered everyday. Teach your children self-defense and arm yourself with a gun and/or mace anytime you go into heavily non-White areas. We need to get back our fighting spirit, before it’s too late.

January Tally: 40

Black-on-White: 30
Black-on-Central Asian: 3
Black-on-Latino: 1
Latino-on-White: 3
East Asian-on-Latino: 3



Race science infographics archive [biology, genetics, anthropology, etc]

One of Thuletide’s older reference articles definitely worth bookmarking.


NOTE: THIS PAGE WILL LOAD SLOWLY (if your internet sucks, like mine)

This article is an archive of the most useful infographics that I’ve collected (or made) on the subject of race. I’ll update this page from time to time, whenever I find or make a new infographic.

The infographics are loosely divided into the following categories:

  1. Debunking race denialism
  2. General racial classification
  3. Modern Whites
  4. Ancient Europeans
  5. Behavior
  6. Miscellaneous
  7. UPDATES (New infographics may go here, haven’t decided yet)

I’ll label the images so you can search for them in-browser. If you have any useful infographics that I should include, post them in the comment section.

1. Debunking race denialism

Race is only skin deep

Percentage of shared DNA between Europeans, Africans, chimps cats, orangutans, and bonobos

African and Eurasian golden jacks, clearly distinct species; Africans and Europeans, exact same subspecies.

Tigers, orangutans, canines, can interbreed and produce fertile offspring…

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Celebrating White History: 1676 – The Year that Shaped White America

1676: A Year That Shaped White America


The Dissident Right must take back American history. 

The Dissident Right must tell the (correct) identitarian view of the country.

The history we’re force-fed at school upholds the prevalent liberal view. America was founded on the ideas of equality and liberty (and possibly diversity, too). America is a nation of immigrants. Non-whites helped found this country. Check out Crispus Attucks! Most Americans can tell you more about marginal non-white figures like Harriet Tubman than integral heroes like Andrew Jackson.

America was founded by Anglo and Anglicized white men and is rooted in European traditions and culture. Settlers and conquerors founded America, not “immigrants.” Non-whites were either unimportant or opposed to the founding. There are plenty of heroes for our cause we can find from our past, all of them more important than Harriet Tubman.

One year stands out in our colonial heritage: 1676.

This year witnessed Bacon’s Rebellion, a populist revolt against a corrupt elite that coddled racial aliens, and concluded King Philip’s War, a race war that dispelled New Englanders of their integration delusions. The two, largely forgotten conflicts shaped our identity as a white country.



Black History Month Palate Cleanser

Black History Resources

(ie Articles Proving It’s All Horseshit and Propaganda!)

It occurred to me that this being Anti-White February (aka Black History Month) I would be irresponsible of me as a Proud Southern White Man if I did not provide some kind of counter-balance/palate cleanser for the never ending stream of black propaganda horse shit.

Thankfully the good folk over at Counter-Currents have compiled an outstanding list of resources to do just that.

Make sure to visit and share the website Black Invention Myths as well!

Please Read, Share and Prepare Accordingly!