Bracken: The Patrol Bike



The Tactical/Practical Prepper always needs to BOLO for Dual purpose activities which give you the benefit of physical exercise/training while at the same time sharpening your patrolling skills.

Bicycling is a great cardio/endurance exercise that you can do while at the same time patrolling your immediate and surrounding AO.

I am a big fan of Matt Bracken.

I suggest you start with his essays and then read his All Enemies Foreign and Domestic series.

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Caching With PVC


Practical knowledge for the forward thinking guerilla.

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No Encryption, No Problem: Analog Radio Operations for Guerilla Units



When it comes to learning Comms in the field, you cannot beat Brushbeater.

This guy has BTDT and got the snazzy T-shirt.

A really excellent, rubber meets the road, no bullshit article on how small guerilla units can maintain secure comms in the field.

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Battle Bars Review


Ian over at Battle Bars was good enough to send me a sample of some of his awesome protein bars and needless to say me and my son DEVOURED them while on a hike recently!

Out of the two varieties, the Blue Falcon and the Moab, the Blueberry laced Blue Falcon was my favorite by far, while my son preferred the Chocolate monster Moab.

Besides tasting great, I could tell right away these bars packed some serious nutrition.

While most commercial protein bars are packed with nothing but sugar and filler, Battle Bars contain REAL FUEL that your body needs to perform, namely PROTEIN! Both Bars contain between 230 to 250 calories and upwards of 21 to 25 grams of whey protein, while keeping the sugar to a bare minimum.

No Go-Bag or Survival Kit is complete without a ready, easy to eat food source like this in my opinion. No, it is not a substitute for a meal, but it sure is a convenient Kick-Start to have handy!

Remember: In a survival situation in the field it is all about FUEL, and that is exactly what Battle Bars gives you without all the other crap you don’t need.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a case of Battle Bars today!

Remember, at the end of the day, YOU, not your TOOLS are the ultimate WEAPON, so FEED THAT BEAST WELL!

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Battle Bars: A Great Supplement

Back in the days of back to back deployments when the GWOT was hot and heavy, every Infantry unit could expect a running shipment of stuff from many supplement companies, most notably Fitness First…

Source: Battle Bars: A Great Supplement

Hard Lessons: Urban Survival

Hard Lessons: Urban Survival


“If I asked how to go become a Hunter-Gatherer, how would you respond? Even if you were one long ago, it would be difficult. We’re talking about nothing short of an utter redefinition of how you live, your identity and role in society, and entrance into a new culture. How does one “prepare” for that?”

We really need more articles like this in the prepper/survival community In my opinion. Articles that challenge the status quo of accepted knowledge and get down to the nuts and bolts of survival. No flash, no hollywood, just surviving the best you can, for as long as you can.

Read this twice and pass it on to somebody you care about.

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L.A. Jade Helm v2.0

“WTF Is Going On In Downtown LA?”: Army War Drills Continue Across Los Angeles


Won’t here this on any of the Fake News Cartel stations…why?

Besides SOF training drills, they are also sharpening up for a critical domestic incident such as mass civil unrest, rioting and looting.

Prepare Now.

Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

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