L.A. Jade Helm v2.0

“WTF Is Going On In Downtown LA?”: Army War Drills Continue Across Los Angeles


Won’t here this on any of the Fake News Cartel stations…why?

Besides SOF training drills, they are also sharpening up for a critical domestic incident such as mass civil unrest, rioting and looting.

Prepare Now.

Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Medical Kits 101: The Home Bag

We begin yet another series of articles, the goal of which is to guide you through the process of building various medical aid kits intentionally designed for differing environments and situations,…

Source: Medical Kits 101: The Home Bag

Common Infantry Tasks Testing-The Basic Requirements Applied To Survivalists

A Great Outline for INDIVIDUAL Task.

So often training of this type focuses on SUT (Small Unit Tactics) without first addressing Individual skill-sets.


I have selected what I believe are the realistic tasks that a Survivalist who mean to go into harms way should have a basic understanding of, if not at least a basic proficiency in.

Source: Common Infantry Tasks Testing-The Basic Requirements Applied To Survivalists

Pre, and Possibly Early SHTF Vest Protection….Affordably

Great practical write up on a subject not discussed frequently enough.

If you have not already, budget now for a good vest and plates not only for you but also one for each member of your tribe (Minimum Level III for family members).


Source: Pre, and Possibly Early SHTF Vest Protection….Affordably

Anarchist Medicine

Meet the Anarchists Making Their Own Medicine

I like reading articles like this because it has so many possibilities for practical use, particularly in a survival/ SHTF situation. As martial civilians, we need to start learning how to think out of the box on every level and STOP depending on conventional society to fulfill our basic needs.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


The Stealth Campfire

As a writer and western history buff, I like to practice things that I come across in my research and reading.

This type of fire was used frequently in the old west by hunters, trappers, settlers and soldiers mainly so as not to draw the attention of hostile indians.

Fast forward to today and it is a great skill-set to add to your bushcraft repertoire when stealth is the order of the day.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!