The Soviet Genocide Of The Old Believers

The Soviet Genocide Of The Old Believers


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Team Training Ideas

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Tactical Wisdom

Whenever existing prepper groups train as a group, one of two things happen. They either spend the entire weekend shooting and doing unrealistic tactics like practicing urban combat, or it just becomes a family camping trip, where a good time is had, but no actual training occurs.

As the law & order situation in the US continues to deteriorate at an increasing rate, you and your team can’t afford to waste valuable training time with unfocused training or training on things that actually won’t be used. Let’s begin there.

Let’s talk first about things we WON’T actually be doing:

  1. Conducting building clearing: While this is always fun training, it’s not very practical from a preparedness standpoint. Your objective is DEFENSE, not OFFENSE. If you need to force entry to one of your own buildings and re-take it, you’ve already lost and it’s time to move.
  2. Doing “camp-out” things: If you…

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Crusader Corner: ‘The Field of Blackbirds’

Kosovo’s ‘Field of Blackbirds’: The 630-Year-Old Reason Eastern Europeans Resist Islam

“Those Who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” -George Santayana

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Armed Church Security in Colonial America

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Gun Culture 2.0

In my recent review of Clayton Cramer’s book, Lock, Stock, and Barrel: The Origins of American Gun Culture, I noted that the armed church security that I have just begun examining is not new.

Of course, like gun culture itself, church security has changed dramatically over the years. In Colonial America, Cramer shows, church security was often mandated by law in connection with militia service.

Hence, a 1619 statute in the Virginia colony not only required church attendance, but also that “all suche as beare armes shall bring their pieces, swords, pouder and shotte” with them, under penalty of a 3 shilling fine (p. 2). This was phrased in 1623 to require that “all men that are fittinge to beare arms, shall bring their pieces to the church,” a requirement that Cramer says was restated in a 1738 statute (p. 2).

This approach was not limited to the southern colonies…

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Islam Invasion: Go Hungary!

BBC Anchor appears to have bitten into a turd with her condescending attitude about Hungary’s strict NO-Muslim migration policies


I don’t know about you guys, but I am rooting like hell for Hungary right now.

They are the only country in Europe with any common sense right now about immigration and so called suicidal “open border policies.”

These two quotes especially stuck with me:

American’s need to take notice of what is happening right now with Hungary and get behind them 100%.

The attitude of Hungary’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister is the attitude every TRUE American needs to have about our Borders as well.

*If you want this country to survive for another generation that is.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed, Close the Border and Build the Wall and Stay Dangerous!