Conservative Trannies? The GOP is DEAD

It’s Going to Take Me a While to Come to Terms with Sean Hannity’s Interview with Bruce Jenner


It’s Official: The Republican Party and “Conservatism” in America no longer exist, it’s a non-entity.

No matter how hard they try to Normalize this garbage I will never accept it or bow my knee to it.

From here on out I lump the GOP in with the rest of the useless bags of morally corrupt liberal manure.

We are on our own folks. Nobody is coming to save us.

Prepare Accordingly.


Biden Administration Limits Power Of ICE To Arrest Immigrants In Courthouses

Biden Administration Limits Power Of ICE To Arrest Immigrants In Courthouses

So to sum it all up:

Biden has legally removed the TEETH of the Federal Agency responsible for arresting and deporting illegal immigrants (ICE) but has given the FBI (aka The New American Gestapo) CARTE BLANCHE to raid US Citizen’s homes and places of business because of their political affiliations (And to find a certain laptop which could DESTROY the Biden Criminal Enterprise completely).

If you had any doubts that the BIDEN ADMINISTRATION is trying to DESTROY AMERICA FROM WITHIN, this should take care of it.

All bets are off.

1984 and Fahrenheit 451 are happening in real time.

Prepare Accordingly.


Texas News: Texans, Time to Take Your Stand on Constitutional Carry

Texans, Time to Take Your Stand on Constitutional Carry


This is long overdue, let’s get her done!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Historically Relevant Documentaries: The East German Stasi

Stasi – East Germany’s Secret Police


With the direction of this government and it’s stooge “law enforcement” agencies sliding more and more toward big brother totalitarianism, this one hour documentary is definitely well worth your time.

Know Your Enemy as you know yourself.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!