Know Your History: Pol Pot and the Great Reset

Pol Pot and the Great Reset


Of all the things which happened in Cambodia, none are too far from happening in the west, even today. In particular, we have seen our leaders more than willing to enter contracts that guarantee a ‘great reset’ of culture, economy, and society.

This idea is not new, nor has it ever actually worked successfully. 

The idea of a cultural reset – for the uninformed – is blatant Marxian theory in the open.

The thought leaders behind this idea – such as businessman Klaus Schwab – may simply see this theory as an effective element in ‘bettering’ society, but history has taught us otherwise. 


The Great Replacement Comes For General Custer

Great Replacement Comes For Gen. Custer: Democrats In Michigan Push To Remove Custer Monument


The Democrat Party is now motivated by utilizing The Great Replacement as an electoral strategy, and their Coalition of the Fringes is united by removing white America’s history from the public space.

If we can’t celebrate our past, what hope do whites have for a future in the USA?

Custer’s Last Stand is our history.

His statue in Monroe, Michigan celebrates our history.

The fight to remove it is a reminder those architects and practitioners of The Great Replacement are 100 percent dedicated to erasing our past, present and future.


FUSA Bulletin: Texas Elementary School Celebrates ‘Pride Week’, Instructs Students to Keep it ‘Confidential’

Texas Elementary School Celebrates ‘Pride Week’, Instructs Students to Keep it ‘Confidential’


I had a friend ask me how this could happen in the State Capital of Austin and I explained to him how Austin has long been a Liberal Bastion in Texas, a real cess-pool of Godless Neo-Liberalism and a general embarassment to all TRUE Texans.

The Fact the school administrators and teachers FORCED Children to participate in this and then instructed the kids to keep it “CONFIDENTIAL” tells you all you need to do about this Happy Horse Shit.

That’s how Pedophiles Behave.

The Bottom Line is that Public Schools regardless of where they are located are now nothing but Neo-Liberal Re-Education Centers for the next Generation.

I have one word for all of you: HOMESCHOOL!

FUSA Bulletin: Justice for Corn Rows!

Justice For Cornrows!


“Whenever they “show up” in the world, chaos and violence seem to follow them. 

A serious nation doesn’t devote even a second of time to the “problem” of racist hair rules.”

The state of this Country has gone beyond ludicrous folks.

The current party line seems to be:

“Destroy anything that is White, Middle Class, Christian and Male and Kiss the Ass of Anything that is Poor, Black and Stupid.”



A Few Good Men



A Few Good Men


“The truckers lost. Because they still believe in the System. They still believe that if they play fair then they will get a fair hearing. They still believe that there is something left to save. There hasn’t been anything worth saving for two hundred and fifty years. Get your head around that and start working on yourselves. Because we are sorely going to need some good men.”

I have been saying this for a while now.

You are not voting yourself out of this so stop continuing to think you are going to “change” things by playing by their rules. Besides, whoever told you this game was not rigged from the start?

Wrap your Head around that Fact and Prepare and ACT Accordingly.