Texas News: Gov. Greg Abbott Announces Proposal Regarding Takeover Of Austin Police Department

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Announces Proposal Regarding Takeover Of Austin Police Department

The communist morons who decorate the Austin City Council should be tarred and feathered and whipped with a rubber hose on a LIVE webcast for all to see.

They truly epitomize the timeless George Carlin analogy:

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”

Like all communist hypocrites, they are finding out this ever popular WOKE Cultural Marxist ideal of de-funding police departments may play well in the fantasy land of liberal arts/basket weaving academia but out here in the real world, a lawful society needs Law Enforcement, pure and simple.

I think what we are witnessing with Governor Abbott right now is a State Soverignty trend that will hopefully spread across other Red States that actually care more about taking care of their communities and citizens safety rather than placating a bunch of black power marxist.

Whip that Liberal Ass Governor 👍

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Armed Citizen Lessons Learned: The Ryan Whitaker Shooting

Phoenix Pay $3 Million to Settle Whitaker Police Shooting Lawsuit

First off let me say This was a 100% preventable TRAGEDY and in my humble opinion $3 Million Dollars for the life of an innocent white man with no criminal record is UTTERLY DISGRACEFUL. Along with this the fact that none of the Officers involved were FIRED is telling of the systemic system of deficient training and discipline at work in most law enforcement agencies across the nation.

Having said that, we are living in dangerous, edgy times when the Armed Citizen cannot TRUST anybody and that includes Law Enforcement. I say this not because I am anti-law enforcement across the board but because from a practical personal safety standpoint, Law Enforcement training nationwide has proven to be way too deficient and inconsistent to take any chances.

So What can  the Armed Citizen take away from this?

  • Don’t Plan on Calling 911. No seriously, Just don’t plan on doing it. Why? Because you are INVITING Law Enforcement into a situation that has a very high probability of going badly. As I have said many times on this blog when it comes to your personal safety and the safety of your Home and Family, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. DO NOT PLAN ON ANYBODY COMING TO HELP OR SAVE YOU.

  • Before you open your door, know who is on the other side not just via a peephole but with a strong verbal challenge. “WHO IS IT!?”

  • Never Open any Door Holding a Weapon with Police on the Other Side. Regardless if you are on your own property or not. It is obvious Police training and Mentality in this area is highly deficient so just NEVER DO IT!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Nobody is Coming to Help You

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Earlier this month in south FL (Broward County, which includes the Miami metro area), a disabled senior citizen (disabled from childhood by polio) frantically called the BCSO to report that a man was breaking into his home.

The suspect (unknown to the resident) was pounding on the resident’s locked door, eventually slamming his body into it, breaking the glass.

Eighteen BCSO deputies were dispatched and arrived at the scene within minutes, but did not approach the house where the felony was happening!

Minutes passed with no action on the part of deputies who remained some distance away, despite the fact that the disabled resident was in obvious grave danger and had informed the 911 Operator multiple times that he was scared to death, armed, and might have to shoot when the door gave way.

More minutes passed with no action on the part of deputies, who has long-since arrived!

Over the phone, the 911 operator can hear glass breaking.

Still, no action on the part of deputies!

A neighbor steps out of his house, sees what is happening, also calls 911 and yells at the suspect to go away.

The suspect walks over to the next house!

That neighbor and others are now flooding 911 lines reporting the attempted home invasion(s), joining with the affected resident’s desperate call.

Still, deputies are nowhere to be seen, much less do anything!

Eventually, the suspect walks over to several uniformed deputies he could see and is taken into custody without further incident.

He is already out of bail!

Not surprisingly, the SO has refused to answer all questions about this incident and has put-out the usual, tired boiler-plate:

“The Sheriff’s Office constantly reviews and assesses its responses to emergency calls in order to provide the highest level of service to the public… blah, blah, blah”

Welcome to our “New Era of Policing,” brought to you by liberal/Marxist politicians!

Individual police officers know and understand that they are the continual target of liberal prosecutors and judges, who want police de-funded, and who just can’t wait to throw them in jail.

They know and understand that shooting a violent felon, even when completely justified, is an automatic career-ender!

They know and understand that confronting any violent suspect will not have a happy ending, and that whatever physical action they take to protect themselves and innocent citizens will be denigrated, criticized, picked-apart, and will result in demotion, probably termination, plus criminal (and civil) charges against them. They’ll probably be unemployed and bankrupted, likely find themselves in prison.

They know and understand that liberal sheriffs, police chiefs, mayors, governors will not stand behind them, will not defend them, but will casually throw them to the wolves, while themselves cynically marching right along beside violent rioters!

Many LEOs are thus departing the profession in disgust, and fear!

In the interim, can you really blame the few who remain for indecisive “tactical loitering,” as my friend and esteemed colleague, Ron Borsch, fondly calls it?

Neighbors, some of whom are professing liberals, in the foregoing episode are shocked, indignant, disgusted, and fearful.

Well they, and residents of other Democrat-controlled areas, had better get used to this “new normal!”

Liberals need to be careful what they wish for!

In Broward County, their wish has been granted!


“Betrayal is the only truth that sticks.”

Arthur Miller

Court upholds Right of Armed Citizen to Shoot a Police Officer in Defense

So many things went wrong here.
In the 21st Century, Part of being a Responsible ARMED  citizen is knowing the law and also having good legal representation to start with. The reality however is decent lawyers cost money and the everyday joe cannot afford one typically. If this poor guy would have had a decent lawyer at the beginning he would have never had to spend 5 years of his life wrongfully imprisoned.

Additional survival tricks

via Court upholds Right of Armed Citizen to Shoot a Police Officer in Defense 

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- On 20 August 2015, in Brevard County, Florida, John DeRossett, 55, shot and severely wounded a Brevard County sheriff’s deputy.

Police claimed they told the niece they were police officers as they grabbed her. She called 911 during or immediately after the firefight, and told the dispatcher she did not know who the men who grabbed her were.

The deputies had no warrant to arrest Mary Ellis.

Criminals often claim to be police to attempt to get compliance. The deputies never told DeRossett they were police.

Why would he be under obligation to believe them, unless they presented credentials or other convincing proof they were operating under lawful authority?

DeRossett was held in jail for nearly five years.

In August of 2018, at trial, his lawyer presented the defense that he was…

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Pandemic Drones?

Connecticut police to test ‘pandemic drone’ that monitors health of residents

I have never been much of a conspiracy Nut, but it has become obvious that Government (both Local, State and Federal) are taking FULL advantage of the Corona pandemic (and the FEAR that goes with it) to “up the ante” on civilian surveillance around the globe.

They did the same thing after 9/11 with the Patriot Act, remember?

Understand, the key ingredient in both of these scenarios is FEAR.

When People are scared and uncertain they are more likely to trade their RIGHTS and their FREEDOMS for so-called “Security Measures.”

You gotta ask yourself what’s next?

Implanted ID Chips so you can be located and monitored 24/7?

Yeah, it’s already under way. 


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!