Law Enforcement Agencies Are Now Buying Personal Cell Phone Data From Commercial Brokers Without Warrants

Ambush-Style Shootings Of Police Up 126% So Far In 2021

A Very Nasty, Eye Opening Stat you will not hear any of the Pravda “news” networks.

The Best way to Be Prepared for an Ambush is to know of it’s Existence beforehand.

Prepare Accordingly.


Anew report releasedby the Fraternal Order of Police seeks to draw attention to an ongoing trend of criminals — most of them black — calling the police in order to ambush them.

The August 2nd release states that there have so far been 52 ambushes this year, a rise of 126% over 2020. 2020wasthe deadliest yearfor law enforcement in history.

Out of 185 line of duty deaths in 2021, 35 cops were killed bygunfire. In deliberate terrorist ambushes, 67 policemen have been shot, 17 fatally.

Ambush-Style Shootings Of Police Up 126% So Far In 2021

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Black Maniac Get’s Put Down with some FINE Pistol Work

This Black Maniac POS set his house on fire, then drove off and shot 2 EMT’s, one of them fatally then drove back to his house and shot 2 fireman and a civilian trying to put out the flames. (Actions starts around 1:28)

Killed with some damn fine pistol work by the Cop (2 head shots from what looks like 40+ yards? Excellent Shooting. Could you do that when it counted? If not get to TRAINING NOW!)

This is the kind of shit the news does not tell you about because it screws up their “White Supremacist are the Real problem” Fake Narrative.

Don’t buy the BS Folks.

It’s a War Zone out there.

Prepare Accordingly.

On-Demand Security Forces: The Police of the Future?

Leaked Emails Show Crime App Citizen Is Testing On-Demand Security Force


H/T to Active Response Training

As I predicted in an article I wrote last year, American policing is going to look more like policing in the developing world in the near future. In big third world cities, the cops are impotent and do virtually nothing.

The middle class and wealthy depend on private security companies to keep them safe. See a crime, hit your app, and private security rolls to your location. Look for lots of variation on this theme in the future.  The same security company also Wants the Power to Arrest People.

Prepare Accordingly Folks!


Phoenix CQ Shooting

Here we have an armed drug addled latino (most likely illegal) running around downtown Phoenix threatening people with a firearm.

Fast Forward to 1:50 to see the final CQ Encounter where the Cop does a textbook “Shoot them to the ground” technique while at the same time “Getting off the X” or moving while shooting and making himself a smaller target to hit.

Also note the cop is using a RMR red dot sight on his pistol which allows for quick sight acquisition in combat shooting situations.

One more drug addled POS off the street.

Check and Mate.