FUSA Bulletin: More Backwards American Racial Hypocrisy and Fantasy

Arbery killers convicted of federal hate crimes in his death


Things like this should bother American white people WAY more than what Putin or Trudeau is doing. Why?

In the words of the Swamp Fox Francis Marion:

“Always concern yourself with the tyrant 100 miles away rather than the one 2,000 miles away.”

We have a Government that is more willing to convict three white men of murder and so-called “hate crimes” for defending their family and community than they are of Black Thugs (out on bail) killing white people for sport?

Hate crime is and will remain legal window dressing for the anti-white establishment obsessed with stamping out the fantasy of “systemic racism.”

The premise of a Hate Crime is asinine to begin with: Prosecuting a person’s STATE OF MIND during the commission of a REAL crime?

I think Orwell called that “Thought Crime” in his novel 1984.

It was fantasy when it was written in 1949 and is fantasy now.

Mark my words, If you are White, Vigilantism will soon become the rule and not the exception in this Society if you expect to Survive, because it’s obvious the STATE is not interested in you.

YOU are the enemy.

Prepare Accordingly.


Biden Calls Law-Abiding Americans ‘The Resistance’

Biden Calls Law-Abiding Americans ‘The Resistance’


Reminds me of an article I wrote some years back titled: Are You Prepared to be an Outlaw?

Gear up and Prepare Accordingly Folks, this Government has gone off the Rails.


Police meme about beating ‘dirty hippies’ sparks investigation

Police meme about beating ‘dirty hippies’ sparks investigation

🤣 🤣 🤣

It appears the Dirty Communist Hippies getting their asses kicked meme offended somebody.

The line about “Christening their heads with Hickory and annointing your face with pepper spray” was pure poetry!

MLK Day Proves One Thing: Blacks Have Always Loved to Celebrate a Degenerate!


One of the great things about history is how it can help us understand the present.

Let’s face it, and call a spade a spade: Martin Luther King Jr. was no saint.

Despite all of his “accomplishments” of leading blacks and minorities to the so-called “promised land” which in essence turned out to be LBJ’s Great Society, aka The Welfare State.

Believe what you will about MLK’s ties to Communsim and the radical left in the 60’s, what is more concering is the man’s character, especially since he claimed to be a Christian pastor.

It is a proven fact MLK was an adulterer and possibly an accomplice to sexual assault and rape.

So understanding all of this going forward, it helps clarify this obsession Blacks have with Glorfying Degenerates as “Heroes”

Case in Point:

  1. Trayvon Martin

  2. Michael Brown

  3. George Floyd

Somewhere along the line, Blacks were sold the bill of goods that “martydom” at the hands of a white man or better yet, white cops, washes away all their sins and also gives them the right to loot, burn and murder at will and then leave white upper and middle-class tax payers to pick up the bill.

Cucked White Liberals always eager to help, will even go so far as to commit blasphemy at the expense of so-called Social Justice, claiming George Floyd was a “black” Jesus Christ?

It’s not surprising really.

Blacks are conditioned and taught to play this victimhood card from infancy and with the obvious historical lineage of glorifying Degenerates is it really surprising they pass this down generationally?


P.S. I would be remiss if I did not post links to some other GREAT articles on the subject. Please share far and wide.

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