Global Crime Corner: The Ndrangheta Connection

The ‘Ndrangheta Connection to Colombia’s Paramilitaries


This article reads like a real life version of the 2019 TV series ZeroZeroZero.


Texas News: Smith County Deputy Accessed Secure Database To Assist Drug Trafficker From Mexico

The Cartels have their tentacles out everywhere, and have infiltrated every Law Enforcement agency at every level.

This is the result of having an unlimited budget $$ and relying on the human condition of GREED to do the rest.

Modern Crime: Balkan Gangs Supervise Cocaine Trade from Colombia and Across Europe

Balkan Gangs Supervise Cocaine Trade from Colombia and Across Europe


For some Scope and Background check out The Cocaine Pipeline to Europe.



Open Borders POS of the Month

Washington: “Man” Arrested for Child Molestation; Somali Refugee?


This child did not have to suffer.

This problem was created and imported by BAD immigration policy created by stupid, evil men.

I’m sick of this bullshit.


The Invisible Drug Lord: Hunting the Ghost

The Invisible Drug Lord: Hunting the Ghost

For over a decade now I have been researching and studying how 21st century drug cartels and organized crime syndicates operate.

I do this mainly for two reasons:

  1. Research for my writing

  2. Considering freedom loving guerillas/partisans have always (and are currently) seen as criminals (ie domestic terrorist) anyway, observing the TTP of ‘successful’ criminal groups, both past and present is a no-brainer.

If you take one thing away from this study it should be this:

“Your best protection in the 21st century is not a private army but ANONYMITY.”

*I recommend downloading the full report to a flash drive for reference.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!