Thermal Camouflage: The Jäger Rig

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Last week I posted an article about thermal camouflage. In that article I mentioned the use of mylar GI Casualty blankets to hide a static position. However, this is more than simply draping the blanket on top of you, there is an technique that must be applied. Today I will show you my method of rigging a mylar blanket so that it meets my requirements in the field, as listed below:

  • It must conceal my thermal signature from air and ground sensors, regardless of how long I’ve been underneath it.
  • It must be visually camouflaged from air and ground observation.
  • It must not cause me to overheat when spending several hours under it.
  • It must be easy to set up and tear down quickly (under 5 minutes).
  • It must also serve as a shelter from wind, rain, and cold if necessary.

The following technique is the result of my…

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Fieldcraft: Alternative Fire Starting Without Matches

Alternative Fire Starting Without Matches


Good things to have in your mental and physical survival toolbox because you never know when you might need FIRE.


9 Edible Wildflowers of Spring

H/T Active Response Training


9 Edible Wildflowers of Spring


Knowing which flowers and plants you can eat and which ones will kill you might save your life one day.

Also knowing something about Common Weeds might Help in a pinch.

Read up and Apply Liberally to Effected Area.


What Was Old Will Be New Again

What Was Old Will Be New Again


Some rock solid wisdom from Phil over at Bustednuckles Blog.

Reminds me of  something I wrote called “The Ice-Cube Tray Mentality”.

Read Up and Apply Liberally to Effected Area.

Prepping 101: 22 Ways to Boost Food Production in 2022

22 Ways to Boost Food Production in 2022


If you have not dedicated some time and resources to some type of self-sufficient food production yet, here is a great article to give you some DIY inspiration and a swift kick in the ass.

Don’t be a Sheep!

Get to Work and Prepare Accordingly!