Best Western Movie of 2021: Old Henry

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Real Westerns are a dime a dozen these days.

About every five years one comes along that is worth watching from a writer not influenced by the current woke agenda that seeks to inject a version of fantasy instead of history, you know the kind I am talking about: where any color other than white makes up the majority of the cast and lesbian gunslingers save the day?

Seriously, I can count on one hand the best western movies of the last decade:

  • True Grit (2010)

  • The Homesman (2014)

  • The Revenant (2015)

  • Hostiles (2017)

  • Old Henry (2021)

Starring one of my favorite actors, Tim Blake Nelson, whose body of work includes such films as O’ Brother Where Art Thou?, The Homesman and Child of God.

Old Henry is superbly written, with some down home wisdom that will make you smile.

Son: “I still don’t believe this is what you wanted; up at dawn, feeding the stock, working the crops, hot or cold, rain or shine.”

Old Henry: “You’ll discover there’s worse arrangements…”

I also really liked how the movie dived head first into the duality of the gunfighter mythos and historical reality.

I remember watching Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (1973) when I was a youngster (which I still consider one of Sam Peckinpah’s finest works next to the The Wild Bunch (1969) and I immediately got hooked on the story and mythos surrounding Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War.

To Hell on a Fast Horse is one of the best books I have ever read on the subject of Billy the Kid, aka William Bonney, aka Henry Atrim, aka Henry McCarty.

The Great Replacement and “Dystopian/Sci-Fi” Movies


This is more of a rant than an essay so it’s gonna be short because just like Bruce Banner on the Hulk, my wife does not like me when I am angry.

Hollyweird’s agenda when it comes to the Great Replacement is no longer subtle folks.

In other words, they want rub the white man’s face in it, because fuck you that’s why.

Two examples of this brazen anti-white rhetoric were recently released on Hulu and Apple TV, two of the worst woke propaganda peddlers currently in operation.

Just a FYI, I do not pay for any of these services and I would recommend none of you do either. Free streaming is easy and legal to do.

 Swan Song  (Apple TV)


In a nutshell it’s set in the future when through the miracles of modern science and “AI” people suffering from a terminal disease can secretly (without their loved ones knowing) clone their bodies (not their consciousness or soul) before they expire to save their loved ones the grief from losing them. Basically it’s the human version of upgrading your cell phone. You turn in your beat up, malware infected piece of shit for a brand new shiny model. The catch is you do all this under the nose of the people you love and care about to save them the grief of having to watch you die. I think Rod Serling wrote an episode of the Twilight Zone back in the 60’s based around this ideal but don’t quote me. All I know is there are NO original plot lines! We are all thieves and magpies to some degree!

The one thing you will notice about this movie is that the majority of the cast are either black, brown or yellow. The only white person of consequence is the Doctor played by a very OLD Glenn Close. In the movie only two other people have had this new procedure besides the main character (who is black) and one of those people is an asian woman.

So by implication here the writer is basically saying the only people worth cloning in the future and the only people worth saving from grief of losing a loved one in the future, are people of color.

It’s a really passive-aggressive fuck you to whitey, but that is the sci-fi genre for you, via technology there are a myriad of way to insinuate the great replacement agenda.

MotherAndroid (Hulu)


The gist is there has been a “AI uprising.” My guess is the singularity did not go as planned and it got spicy with some “racist” anti-human robots and sheeet! At any rate our main character is a twenty something pregnant white feminist with (wait for it) a Dindu Tyrone daddy, complete with a nappy man bun knob thing on the back of his head that kinda looks like a used piece of rusted black steel wool that is coming unwound. Wow, what a great start, huh? Can’t wait to continue with this one!

At just shy of two hours let me break this turd down for you. This is another dull teen/twenty something post-apocalyptic melo-dramatic survival movie with some really bad writing and cheez whiz dialogue.

If you hadn’t guessed it is chocked full of anti-white/multiculturalism to the point at the end of the movie the inter-racial white/black couple give their baby away to quote “give him a chance at a normal life” to (wait for it) two asian chinks! I guess we should be happy that the asians were both of the same race, of opposite genders and not robots, right?

Thank God for small miracles in the 21st century I suppose.


The Road Warrior Gyro-Copter FOR REAL

Growing up in the early 80’s, Road Warrior was one of my favorite movies.

One of my fave characters in that movie was the Gyro-Captain played by New Zealand actor Bruce Spence.

I always thought his Gyro-Copter was too damn cool!


The Gyro-Copter For Real (Made from a VW Beetle Engine)