Two Rode Together

Oliver Loving and Charles Goodnight made history in 1866, and 120 years later Larry McMurtry made them legends


The story of Loving and Goodnight influenced Texas Western writer Larry McMurtry to write one of the most authentic and influential western saga’s of our time, Lonesome Dove.



The Last Valley









Conan the Barbarian Script Deep-Dive

Conan the Barbarian 


An interesting and detailed examination of John Milius and Oliver Stone’s masterpiece script that forever changed the historical action movie genre.



Night of the Comet

Excitement Builds as Comet Approaches Earth for First Time in About 50,000 Years

I had to laugh reading this headline as it reminded me of a sci-fi/horror/comedy I grew up with way back in 1984 called Night of the Comet.

It was goofy and corny AF but was actually one of the first post-apocalyptic “zombie” comedy movies of it’s kind, becoming a fore-runner for Zombieland and movies like it.

I actually found the entire movie on YouTube.



In Memoriam: Ray Nelson



Ray Nelson, the Sci-Fi writer who penned the screenplay for John Carpenter’s 1988 cult-movie They Live has passed away at 91.

Nelson regularly worked with Phillip K. Dick and Ray’s mother was said to be the inspiration for Priss in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Blade Runner).

If you have not watched They Live, I highly recommend it.

It is one of the most prophetic sci-fi movies of the 20th century regarding the Globalist agenda of mass-programming and brainwashing.