Texas News: Three New Murder Charges in Kenyan Killer Case

If you have not heard of this case there is good reason, the Fake News Cartel (other than the Dallas Morning News) has refused to report on it less it destroy their Multi-Culturalism/Diversity is our Strength Propaganda Campaign. I urge you to click on the archive and read up on this POS, he may very well be the worst Serial Killer in Texas History, and yes he is an African immigrant with very questionable legal status.

Things seem to be moving now in the case of Billy Chemirmir alleged to have murdered 24 vulnerable seniors in a killing spree that could have been halted early on if investigators hadn’t been so quick to dismiss family members concerns about missing valuables. 889 more words

Texas: Three New Murder Charges in Kenyan Killer Case — Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

America’s Forgotten

Immigrant Filmmaker Learns the Magnitude of Illegal Immigration Problem


This Documentary verifies something many of us have known for decades:

Communist liberals ENABLE and SUPPORT Illegal Immigration, Drug Smuggling and Human Trafficking into the U.S.

You can stream this Documentary free of charge HERE.

Soros Funded Illegal Alien Caravan 2020 UPDATE

Mexican President AMLO Is Heading The Honduran Caravanners Off At The Pass

Thanks again to President Trump’s tireless Diplomacy, Mexico is again GUARDING their Border with vigilance and determination.

Personally, I would just Shoot the worthless bastards and call it “Quelling and attempted uprising” or something along those lines, but that is just me. 😜👍

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Border Security: What is La Raza?

Just like how islamic terrorist have the Muslim Brotherhood as their political and financial arm in gaining a foothold here in America, illegal aliens from Mexico and Central/South America have La Raza.

A recent article in Reclaim our Republic shines a spotlight on this dangerous organization and the short video clip below will give you the pertinent background information.



Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Examining Terrorist Tactics: The Lethal Geography of Downtown Dallas


Exploiting Urban Geography

The shooting of 14 people during a protest march, 12 of them police officers, is without question a terrorist-style assault on the police force of one of America’s largest cities.

Five Dallas cops, including a Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer, died from a gunman who declared he acted alone and wanted to kill police officers, white people and white police officers, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said. The ambush follows shootings of black men by police officers in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis.

Police said one male gunman, Micah X. Johnson, died inside a downtown community college building after cops sent in a robot, which blew up an attached explosive device. A female suspect who allegedly fired at officers was arrested overnight.

Dallas Police said at least two gunmen had fired at them from a “triangulated … elevated position.”

There is mixed information about key details. For one, it’s not clear if there were one or two shooters — or more — or if any shooter was actually on elevated ground. Two men arrested while driving away from downtown were uninvolved in the shootings, as was a man photographed while carrying a rifle during the march.

However, if the gunman or gunmen acted as snipers, they would have exploited a particular vulnerability of downtown Dallas’ urban geography.

More than 50 years ago, ex-Marine and Marxist gunman Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated Pres. John F. Kennedy from a sniper’s perch — now Dallas’ most famous tourist attraction — at Dealey Plaza blocks from where Thursday’s gunmen unleashed his rampage.

This isn’t to force a comparison, but to stress that a sniper — if he was perched— would have been at an extreme advantage over anyone in the street. Dallas, like many so-called “Sunbelt cities,” has an urban area that is both built up and yet is relatively less dense than many other downtowns.

It’s also to note an aspect of America’s modern security culture that has resolutely failed. We can build subtle barriers against car bombs and stop terrorists from boarding airplanes, but we’ve done little to prevent people with high-powered rifles from striking down their fellow citizens.

Here is a digitally-altered photo from Google Earth showing the location of the attack:


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