This Summer, Remember the Rooftop Koreans


I gotta be honest folks, from the looks of things from my front porch here at the Ponderosa in Texas, FUSA is about to enter a special type of Tom Fuckery this summer.

Not only are you going to have the orchestrated street violence and “protest” of the baby killing Far Left but you are also going to have the Worst Black Crime Wave in a decade joining along with it, not to mention the worst Illegal Immigration INVASION ever recorded in American History.

We are talking gangs of pre-teen Dindu’s running amok and terrorizing downtown East Coast shitholes.

In times like these it’s important to remember your Modern History:


You see there is a reason that thirty years later we are still talking about the Rooftop Koreans. Why?

Simple: They took a Stand and refused to be a Victim.

They’re Alive and the other assholes are Dead.

That’s how You Win.

Go and Do Likewise.




FUSA Bulletin: Black Male Shoots 11 People In Lafayette, LA

Black Male Shoots 11 People In Lafayette, LA: Police Claim It Wasn’t A Mass Shooting Because It Wasn’t “Pre-Planned” (I.E., Shooter Not White)


And the most deadly (and ignored) criminal trend in America continues:

Black Mass Shootings.

Prepare Accordingly.


Brazen Theft of $2K Worth of Meat at Texas Wal-Mart

Women suspected of stealing meat from Temple grocery store


For those of you that thought this Black crime wave was just restricted to FUSA Blue States like United Socialist Republic of California, think again.

Brazen theft of $2K worth of Meat in broad daylight at a Texas Wally World.

Pay no Attention to the White Woman in this Video, by her actions she is just as Black and Worthless as the other two thieving POS.

Are You Kidding Me? Bail Conditions for South Carolina Mall Shooting Suspect Are Absolutely Nuts

Are You Kidding Me? Bail Conditions for South Carolina Mall Shooting Suspect Are Absolutely Nuts


Gosh it’s hard to be humble when you are RIGHT!

And the Neo-Liberal Legal Agenda for the Complete Destruction of the United States continues unabated folks.

As the old Government Gangster adage goes “Never let a disaster go to waste!”

When George Soros backed the election campaigns of multiple liberal DA’s and Judges across this country it was done as a strategic chess move.

Letting Dangerous Black and Brown thugs back out onto the streets to repeat their carnage and thus maintain the cycle that will eventually lead to the fulfillment of the neo-liberal agenda, The Destruction of White America, ie The Great Replacement.

Prepare Accordingly.


Racial Reality: Two from Across the Pond

A Dire Report from the Isles of my Ancestors

White Irish Minority in Dublin


Irish people are now a minority in 2/3 of North Inner City Dublin. Most major cities in the Western world have been ethnically cleansed of White people.


British Propaganda Shows Europeans As Violent Rapists and Blacks As “Saviors of White Women”


British T.V. Propaganda has taken a hard Anti-White turn lately, especially in British T.V. Crime Series.

Instead of being the Rapist, now Blacks and Brown Immigrants are “Saving” White Women from Rape?

Black and Brown Immigrant “Grooming Gangs” are still rampant in the U.K. Folks, so don’t believe the Fairy Tales.

Stand Up to the Rising of the Tide.