American Apocalypse: The Government’s Plot to Destabilize the Nation is Working

American Apocalypse: The Government’s Plot to Destabilize the Nation Is Working

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One of the more eye opening articles I have read in the last six months.

All Conspiracy theories and tin foil hat bullshit, aside, are you PREPARED for what’s coming to this country?

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Remembering Ruby Ridge 27 Years Later


Siege at Ruby Ridge: The Forgotten History of the ATF Shootout That Started a Militia Movement


My friends over at did an outstanding article on Randy Weaver and the tragedy at Ruby Ridge I wanted to share with you on the 27th Anniversary of this heinous crime.

I believe the most important thing we can do on days like today as PATRIOTS is LEARN from the PAST.

Understand that Vicki and Sammy Weaver were murdered on that mountain in Idaho 27 years ago by a gang of Federal assassins executing “legal” warrants.

Red Flag Laws are Dangerous and Unconstitutional legal tools that are RIPE for abuse, both by the loony left and a tyrannical Government that wants to disarm you, LEGALLY.

If people do not stand up boldly for their rights the SAME thing that happened at Ruby Ridge is going to start happening again on a much more frequent basis all over America.

Stand up to the Rising of the Tide.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

American Militias after the Civil War: From Black Codes to the Black Panthers and Beyond

Part 1 of this article can be read HERE.


Originally authored by our friends over at, this is the second half of their excellent historical analysis of militias in the US, running up to the Bundy Standoff and Malhuer Wildlife Refuge occupation. The critical takeaway is the coverage of militias on both sides of the ideological aisle and causes, ranging from post-Reconstruction era…

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So, What Role Will Militias Play In The ‘Upcoming Unpleasantness’, Anyway? — American Partisan

Originally written a year ago, I continue to return to the piece due to its importance as well as prophetic warning. Leftist militias are not only on the rise but currently incredibly active in both an underground function and an overt direct action phase. But that said, again, I wrote it a year ago, and…

via So, What Role Will Militias Play In The ‘Upcoming Unpleasantness’, Anyway? — American Partisan

A Call To Action

Call To Action: Need Armed Security Volunteers For Small Town in FL Panhandle


Boy, I can just see and hear the gun grabbers having a hissy fit about now…it is times like these where the Second Amendment is not some ambiguous, outdated piece of parchment, but a living, breathing PRACTICAL document our forefathers KNEW we would need!

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the SECURITY of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Arm up folks and heed the call of your neighbors if you can…this is the time to show the enemies of freedom we are United!

*Besides Armed Security, they are also looking for HAM Radio Operators also.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


Espionage Files: The Story of Los Pepes, The Paramilitary Group that Took On Pablo Escobar and Won


Los Pepes: The Paramilitary Group That Took On Pablo Escobar And Won

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I am a sucker for all things historical as you know, and I have been watching the second season of Narco’s on Netflix which chronicles the story of Pablo Escobar’s rise and meteoric fall as one of the most notorious drug czar’s ever to live.

As many of you may or may not know, Escobar’s story is one of not only drugs and crime but politics and government corruption (the 2 typically go hand in hand) that span 3 decades of Columbia’s bloody history.

Escobar partnered with M-19 Communist guerilla’s to attack the Palace of Justice in 1985. In doing this, Escobar created the term “Narco-Terrorist” and at the same time made enemies with the violent but effective anti-communist Autodefensas Paramilitary Group known as “Los Pepes”.

Now it goes without saying that certain American “Alphabet agencies” were interested in helping see that both Communism and Escobar were taken out of the picture quickly and quietly, so CIA involvement in the supplying of arms and intelligence to right-wing paramilitary groups was pretty much a given during this time.

As you can see this is interesting history, if you are willing to dig into it a bit.

More to come on this topic.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!