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The MG-42 was designed during World War II as a replacement for the multipurpose MG-34, which was less than suitable for wartime mass production and was also somewhat sensitive to fouling and mud. It was manufactured in great numbers by companies like Grossfuss, Mauser-Werke, Gustloff-Werke, Steyr-Daimler-Puch, and several others. It is estimated that more than 400,000 MG-42s were manufactured during the war, and it was undoubtedly one of the best machine guns of World War II. It was designed to be reliable and cheap to manufacture; the design was so effective that it is still in production in more or less modified form in many countries.

Although the German Army of 1939 was not an entirely mechanized force (the German infantry was still largely foot-mobile), the hallmark of the blitzkrieg was fast-moving offensive operations characterized by speed, firepower, and sudden, overwhelming force. During these types of operations, the…

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Know Your WW2 Weapons: M1 Garand’s Mysterious 7th Round Stoppage

The M1 Garand’s Mysterious 7th Round Stoppage


I’m a Gun Geek so stuff like this is fascinating to me. 😄


Military History: Bayonets in 2021 – Why Do They Persist?



Great read on the Bayonet and it’s role in Modern Warfare.

Never discount something because it’s been around a while, they are often the most practical and deadly items around!

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Know Your Weapons: The M79, The Iconic “Bloop Tube” 40mm Grenade Launcher

Combat experience with the bazooka rocket launcher in World War Two and its larger versions in the Korean War convinced the US military that a better weapon was needed to give front-line troops a direct-fire way to attach enemy strong points. The bazooka was bulky, not particularly accurate, and created a lot of backlist signature…

M79: The Iconic “Bloop Tube” 40mm Grenade Launcher — Forgotten Weapons

Home Made Arsenal – Nine Ingenious Weapons of the Polish Underground

“Many of the underground’s own submachine guns, grenades and pistols had been secretly mass-produced for years.” IN AUGUST 1944, nearly 20,000 fighters from Poland’s underground Armia Krajowa (AK) or “Home Army,” launched a series of coordinated assaults on Nazi forces…Read more →

Home Made Arsenal – Nine Ingenious Weapons of the Polish Underground — MilitaryHistoryNow.com