More Proof our Military Has Gone to SHIT

Air Force revises physical fitness test to allow walking, planks


It’s really no surprise the Air Farce has lowered it’s PT standards (YET AGAIN) but My God, replacing the Run Qual altogether with WALKING?

Pretty soon our Military ranks are going to resemble a Purple Haired, Bathroom Confused Pizza Hut Lover’s Convention, but then again maybe that was the plan all along.


White Rage?

What is Behind Gen. Mark Milley’s Righteous Race Sermon? Look to the New Domestic War on Terror


The Biden administration is fully enlisting the military in its war on “domestic terrorism” and it appears the military brass is just fine with that.

The subjugation of the U.S. Military by the WOKE Marxist regime is complete.

Prepare Accordingly.

Military History: Bayonets in 2021 – Why Do They Persist?



Great read on the Bayonet and it’s role in Modern Warfare.

Never discount something because it’s been around a while, they are often the most practical and deadly items around!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


JUST LIKE THE *OBAMA REGIME, the Biden Regime is purging the military of officers who don’t share their radical Marxist views

A commander of a U.S. Space Force unit tasked with detecting ballistic missile launches has been fired for comments made during a podcast promoting his new book, which claims Marxist ideologies are becoming prevalent in the United States military. * No wonder Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t have a strategy for fighting the Islamic State (ISIS),…

JUST LIKE THE *OBAMA REGIME, the Biden Regime is purging the military of officers who don’t share their radical Marxist views — BARE NAKED ISLAM

Women Continue to Fail Watered Down Military Fitness Standards?

Nearly Half of Female Soldiers Still Failing New Army Fitness Test, While Males Pass Easily


I had to laugh when I read this:

“The data again raises questions about whether the Army‘s attempt to create a fitter force is creating more barriers to success for women.”

This encapsulates the current thinking in our so-called “Modern” military.

Anything within the Military that is difficult to pass for any minority, whether it be women, people of color or so-called transgenders are called BARRIERS.

Consequently these “BARRIERS” were created for the express purpose to IMPROVE and STRENGTHEN our military.

Do you see the trend folks?

If I did not know better I would say that somebody is INTENTIONALLY sabotaging our National Military Readiness.