An Example of Subtle Homefront Marxist Propaganda

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While China Prepares for War:


Their Marxist Proxies here in the U.S. Military make sure plenty of “Cooperative” Historical Propaganda is printed. (Take Note this story was in the Military Times, not The Atlantic or WSJ!)

World War II US veterans recall flying aid to China


Keep your eyes peeled for more GARBAGE like this.

Supporting and Aiding China in 1943 and 2021 are not even similar conversations.

The Battle Lines are being drawn.

Don’t find yourself on the wrong side of Marxist collaboration when the hammer drops.


Biden’s America: Illegal Aliens Worth More than U.S. Soldiers

Biden’s America: Illegal Aliens Worth More than U.S. Soldiers


Here is what you need to understand about Biden’s America:

  • Illegal alien separated from a child while unlawfully entering the United States = $450,000.

  • Dead American Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine = $100,000.

Setting the Record Straight about the US Marine Corp getting “Beat” by British Commandos

US Marines deny British commandos ‘dominated’ them during war games


The British TABLOID Press reported this story completely out of context and flat out LIED.

In the words of one Phd from King’s College:

“These kind of garbage tabloid articles (no one surrendered and 40 Commando was teamed with US Marine units) are the kind of thing that threaten future US-UK exercises, which are beneficial for both sides.” 

Our Military is in bad enough shape without every American blog and online magazine running with these TABLOID GARBAGE articles that further demean and demoralize our Fighting Men.

Let’s not forget, these men are out there putting it all on the line FOR YOU and YOUR FREEDOMS, the least we can do is make sure something is factual before we run with it.

Semper Fi.

Military/Veteran’s News: Troops Who Refuse Vaccines May Lose Their Veterans Benefits

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Troops Who Refuse Vaccines May Lose Their Veterans Benefits


As a Veteran, I don’t see this ending well.

Both sides need to think this through and be SMART.

Who has More to Lose from this Deal?

I am just gonna leave it at that for right now.

A Nation will be judged on how it treat’s it’s Veterans in more ways than one.



Snakes in the Grass

The enemy is INSIDE THE GATES folks and has been for some time.

Fix Bayonets!

America’s real domestic terrorists

I suspect that few today even know who Mark Fidel Kools is — which is, perhaps, perfectly understandable. Mr. Kools is the illegitimate son of John Kools. John was a gangster who operated in the Watts section of Los Angeles, California, and, as a consequence of his domestic terrorism as a gangster, was sent to prison. The State of California released John from prison in 1974 — but not before falling in with another gang, which we today call the Moslem Brotherhood — an organization funded by the Saudi Kingdom as part of their Wahhabist invasion of western civilization. John Kools, having converted to Islam (at the taxpayer’s expense), changed his name to Akbar.

At the time of John’s release from prison, Mark was three years old. By then, his mother had also converted to Islam and married William Bilal, also a convert to Islam. Mrs…

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