Small Unit Tactics: RECCE Patrolling

Recce Patrolling I: The Recce Team


This is the first installment in a series of OUTSTANDING articles on Recon Basics (Reconnaissance) from from Justin over at Swift Silent Deadly.

Small Unit Tactics is a subject every serious Armed Citizen needs to study and TRAIN on in-depth.

I highly recommend you seek out my friend Brushbeater for some realistic, practical TRAINING today!

Time is short, Prepare Accordingly!

The Mini-Manual for the Urban Defender

You can download the above manual at John Spencer’s Website.

Highly recommend you bookmark this site as well, LOTS of good stuff there!

I also Highly Recommend you read all of John Spencer’s Urban Warfare Case Studies over at Modern War Institute


You will see this material again.

The only real question is whether or not you will use this material against the baddies, or the baddies will use it against you.

Choose wisely.

Prepare Accordingly!

Liberated — Free Military Manuals

Liberated — Free Military Manuals


I would highly recommend investing in a few thumb drives and taking some time and downloading the manuals you would like to have for reference and maybe even printing out a few.

Don’t depend on the “inter-web” always being there for you.

“Dark” days are ahead of us folks.

AP Land Navigation Basics Twofer

Land Nav Basics


This is something EVERYBODY should know.

Teach Your Kids and your Wife!

DO NOT depend on that Garmin GPS unit!

One EMP Blast and we are back in the stone age.


TCCC Twofer: Tactical Field Care, Massive Hemorrhage, and the Blood Sweep

Tactical Field Care, Massive Hemorrhage, and the Blood Sweep


Make no mistake, one of the biggest area’s of training that martial civilians neglect is TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care.)

Part 2 of this Excellent series can be found HERE.

Train Hard. Train Realistically and Prepare Accordingly.