War Movies Worth a Damn: The East

‘The East’ Shows Why Indonesia’s War of Independence Is a Bridge Between WWII and Vietnam


Before you watch the movie it would do you good to familarize yourself with the History of this little known War, often called “The Dutch Vietnam”:

As an amateur military historian and writer, I really enjoyed the authentic “feel” of this movie.

Was it over the top in parts? Sure, but all great war movies are in one way or another.

Early Cold War Conflicts like this that show the basic tenets of Asymmetrical Warfare are really important for the armed citizen to study.


The Bad-Ass Files: Raoul Lufbery

Raoul Lufbery


It’s hard not to admire a man with ice-water in his veins, who craves adventure at every turn, who goes into battle not because he hates the man in front of him as so much he repsects and loves the man behind him.

Plus anybody with two pet lions named “Whiskey” and “Soda” is just BAD ASS!


Know Your Weapons: The War Hammer

The War Hammer: A Deadly Effective Medieval Weapon


I am a sucker for historical movies, in particular anything from the dark to medieval age. I was watching Outlaw King about Scotland’s Robert the Bruce and noticed quite a few War Hammers being used.

Cold Steel offers a nice practical and affordable re-creation of a 14th Century War Hammer.

A good TOOL to have at your front door along with your umbrella for a rainy day.


Know Your WW2 History: The Battle of the Scheldt

WWII’s Forgotten Dutch Battle: The Battle of the Scheldt


Netlfix just released a movie titled The Forgotten Battle which is partly about Operation Market Garden and The Battle of the Schedlt.