The End of Passwords: DISA Test Walkabout Identity System

End Of Passwords: DISA Tests Walkabout Identity System


The Future is Now.

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CO 101: Cybersecurity Pitfalls

Cybersecurity Experts: Stop Sending Troops Into Combat With Personal Tablets, Smartphones


In the 21st Century, lessons like this are not just for the Military, but for the Civilian Operator as well.

As long as we are dependent on tech, exploitation will always be there.

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Espionage Files: China Still Up to it’s Old Tricks



While the Fake News Cartel is busy distracting the American public with Russia, China has been busy stealing American Military secrets.

As a matter of fact, China has quite a lengthy track record in stealing American Military Secrets, in particular Stealth Technology.

Remember This?

Chinese hackers steal Top Secret data for the F-35 Stealth Fighter. 

Chinese J-20 Stealth Jet Based on Plans Stolen by Hackers


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Never Take Them For Granted


                        Never Take Them for Granted


With Armed Forces Day coming up this weekend on May 19th, I wanted to go ahead and post this outstanding article by Mark Alexander over at The Patriot Post.

Please, take a moment this Saturday to honor our Armed Forces in whatever way you can, God knows they deserve everything we can do for them.

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Cyber-News: Pentagon Warns Against Using Chinese Computers Manufactured by Lenovo


Military Warns Chinese Computer Gear Poses Cyber Spy Threat

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If any of you have read the fictional book Ghost Fleet by P.W. Singer, stories like this make it very real. Things like this pose a very REAL threat to National Security and Military Defense. Apart from the “spying” aspect, consider for a moment how many of the components and essential software for the new F-35 Fighter are Chinese manufactured? How easy it would be for them to hide malware or malicious code to essentially corrupt the system and cause it to crash in the middle of a mission? Not a pretty picture.

This is a new kind of war folks and it’s raging right now.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Military News: Five U.S. Troops Wounded in A-Stan

With the Political circus going on, it is easy to forget we still have TROOPS IN CONTACT all over the globe. Do what you can to Help, like becoming a Morale Booster or sending a nice, fat  Care Package. -SF


Five U.S. Special Operations troops, fighting alongside their Afghan counterparts, were wounded recently while battling Islamic State militants in Afghanistan’s Nangahar province, the top U.S. general there said Thursday.

Speaking to reporters from Kabul, U.S. Army Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr. said that the troops had been wounded from small-arms fire and shrapnel in the past week. He did not specify when exactly the injuries occurred. Two of the service members have already returned to their unit, while the three others had been evacuated out of Afghanistan, though their injuries are not life-threatening, Nicholson said.

The troops came under fire during what Nicholson called “clearing operations” as U.S. and Afghan troops pushed into southern Nangahar following a series of airstrikes.

In January, President Obama gave additional authorities to ground commanders in Afghanistan, allowing them to target the growing cell of Islamic State fighters in the country’s east. At the time, their presence was estimated to be around 3,000 fighters, though Nicholson says he believes that number has been cut in half in the past six months following Afghan-led offensive operations supported by U.S. troops and airstrikes.

“It’s a very dynamic battlefield down there … but we think we’ve reduced their numbers very significantly,” Nicholson said.

Nicholson added that a majority of the Islamic State fighters in Afghanistan, roughly 70 percent, are former Pakistani Taliban members who had joined the Islamic State earlier this year.

Despite shrinking numbers and a loss of territory, the Islamic State carried out a suicide bombing in Kabul over the weekend that killed more than 80.

The joint U.S.-Afghan offensive operations against the Islamic State are just one part of a broader 2016 battle plan in Afghanistan, Nicholson said, one that involves widespread offensive operations against the Taliban, the Islamic State and other terrorist groups in the country.

Because of the uptick in operations, Afghan casualties are trending 20 percent higher than they were in 2015, Nicholson said. Additionally, U.S. forces have taken advantage of new authorities granted by Obama that allow for more leeway when it comes to advising and clearing airstrikes to better assist Afghan forces on the offensive. Nicholson said that since Obama approved the new authorities in June, the U.S. coalition in Afghanistan has conducted 40 airstrikes in support of their Afghan allies.

Read the Original Article at Washington Post

Modern Warfare: Getting Schooled on Deterrence – What is it Exactly?

I could really care less about Politics, Politicians or the Lies they tell.

I am posting this article so you guys can get a textbook definition of “Military Deterrence” and understand what it really is so you can THINK for yourselves regarding Foreign Affairs and not have some Talking Head D.C. Zombie mislead you.-SF


In a recent interview with The New York Times, Donald Trump suggested that the United States can continue to deter aggression even if it withdraw from its overseas bases and reduces its commitments to longstanding allies. “If we decide we have to defend the United States,” the Republican presidential candidate proclaimed, “we can always deploy [from American soil] and it will be a lot less expensive.”

Trump’s critics seized upon this statement as further evidence of his ignorance of foreign affairs. They argue that Trump understates the economic costs of this strategy, and they are right. But there’s an even more fundamental issue at stake.

Even if Trump is correct that some allies are not paying their fair share, there are at least two compelling reasons to remain committed to those allies and retain military bases abroad. The first is deterrence. The second is anti-area/access-denial, or A2AD, technology. Both are inexorably linked.

To deter aggression the United States must convince potential adversaries that they will pay an unacceptably high cost for attacking. Successful deterrence therefore requires that the United States communicate that it is willing and able to carry out the threat. Deterrence fails when an adversary thinks the United States either cannot or will not follow through.

For decades, the United States has relied upon overseas bases to demonstrate that its deterrent threats are credible. Forward-deployed troops offer a tangible symbol that the United States has “skin in the game” and that it will pay the price to make good on its threats.

Forward-deployed troops also enhance deterrence because they put military personnel, aircraft, and ships close enough to potential hot spots to be of immediate use in a fight. Deterrence is better than fighting, but successful deterrence paradoxically means being able to fight well.

This observation leads us to consider the technological dimension that characterizes contemporary military affairs — anti-access/area denial. This is the practice of preventing an adversary — in this case, the United States — from getting to the battlefield and operating there effectively.

Read the Remainder at War is Boring