Natural Cures: 5 Science-Backed Wound Healers found in Nature

5 Science-Backed Wound Healers Found in Nature


Two things to have around that can save your life: Big Jar of good, local Honey and an Aloe Vera Plant.

Think Practical, Live Simply and Prepare Accordingly.


Stop Listening to Joe Rogan Kids, Smoking Weed is NOT Cool

San Diego ER seeing up to 37 marijuana cases a day — mostly psychosis


“We’re now counting 37 cannabis-related diagnoses a day,” Dr. Roneet Lev, an addiction medicine doctor at Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego, said about her emergency department. “It’s been steadily increasing over the years. When I started in the 1990s, there was no such thing. Now I see 1 to 2 cases per shift. The most common symptom is psychosis.” 

“We probably see 20 THC-induced psychoses for every amphetamine-induced psychosis,” said Ben Cort, who runs a drug and alcohol treatment center in Colorado. One study showed an increase of 24% in cases of psychoses in emergency departments in Colorado in the five years following marijuana’s legalization in that state in 2012.

Since then, legal marijuana has been transformed into a potent and unrecognizable product.

“When I speak at parent nights at schools, most adults still think it’s like the weed we smoked when we were teens in the ’80s, [which had] between 3 to 5% THC per gram of flower,” said Laura Stack, an advocate against cannabis abuse in Colorado. “We never had today’s high-potency concentrates, vapes or edibles.”

The Practical Med Cabinet: Curicyn Wound Care Clay


Friend of mine who runs an all size animal rescue swears by this stuff.

She uses it on open wounds and it works particularly well on damaged horse hooves.

The great thing about it is if things get tough, it is approved for use on humans as well! (Kinda like another Vet Medicine we all know!)

Pick You up a few Jars of Curicyn to keep around the house, the way things are going, Vet and medical care might be hard to come by soon.

Med Corner: The Basics of IV Fluids for Emergency Scenarios



Disclaimer: This is meant to be a brief overview and not a detailed guide on IVs. Please seek qualified medical training before attempting any of these steps. 


If you are not budgeting for Annual Training from Reputable Folks in Civilian Field/Trauma Medical you are cutting yourself way short.


Stuck Pig Medical

Lone Star Medics


Mountain Man Medical And Their Free Online Course

Mountain Man Medical And Their Free Online Course


I have long been a big advocate of Armed Citizens taking some form of Emergency Medical Trauma Training.

It’s common sense logic that if you carry a gun for self-defense you need to know how to plug the holes that gun (or knife) can make, both for yourself and other folks you care about.

Although NOTHING can substitute HANDS-ON training IMO, this FREE 105 minute course is definitely worth your time!