How to Make Yourself Hard to Kill, according to a Special Operator

How to Make Yourself Hard to Kill, according to a Special Operator


Strength always wins the Day folks. (Not Size, STRENGTH!)

This is why I think Rucking is the most practical cardio/strength exercise for the armed civilian.

Using weighted packs on long hikes creates the kind of practical strength and endurance needed on the modern battlefield.

Life Hack Advice from Pat Mac



“The More You Know the less you have to rely on other to take care of you. The more skills you pick up the easier it is to pick up new/additional skills. No matter what is going on in the world, I don’t care what it is, politics, taxes, what have you, nothing is going to stand in the way of me Taking Care of Myself so I can Take care of my Family.”


Tune Out the Noise.

Refuse to Get Distracted by the Small Stuff.

Focus on what Matters the Most.



How to Build a Safehouse



On Masculinity

On Masculinity


Thought provoking read.

This paragraph particularly caught my eye:

“Refined masculinity is the result of taking this animalistic instinct and forcefully civilizing it. It is the iron that has been removed of its impurities and forged into an object that can do some good. Through discipline and struggle, we are forged from savages into men capable of building civilization. It is the duty of the current generation of men to forge the newer generation into something greater than themselves. When this tradition is neglected, rot begins to set in.

The Rules of Surviving a Black Market Economy

The Rules of Surviving a Black Market Economy


Take Heed.

Coming VERY SOON to a town/city near you!