Borders Matter to Dems! LOL! When the Border is Between NY and Rhode Island!

Yeah, folks are coming to the realization that these terms that were so haphazardly thrown around a few months ago like “Open Borders” “Multiculturalism” “Diversity” and “Inclusiveness” all equal DEATH.

Prepare and Act Accordingly.

This story gave me a laugh (I know it is a serious issue)! However, I can’t help chuckling about the Open Borders Dems who all of a sudden are… 252 more words

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Introducing: The Irish Antifa Project

Coming from a reader, there’s an interesting project brewing in Ireland utilizing social media against AntiFa through setting up a pseudo-operation to draw them in. The wonderful thing about social media is that most utilize it to get what they want to hear, reading only what they agree with, and volunteering information to anyone who…

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Diversity & Inclusion Is Burning Down Paris Right Now

Oh Look Europe is in the Death Throes of being infected with Diversity, Inclusion and Multi-Culturalism.

Maybe we here in America should learn from this?

Fat Chance.


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National Anthem, People’s Republic Of East America, 2025

In the words of “Uncle Joe” Stalin to his pal FDR: “Don’t tell them about the gulags until AFTER you take their guns.”

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Western Rifle Shooters Association

Via TSM:

Imagine there’s no bread
It’s easy if you try
No tacos or hot sauce,
Nothing cold or fried,
Imagine all the people living in the gulags

Imagine there’s no money
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to eat or drink
And no bacon too
Imagine all the people living short life spans ooooh

You may say I’m a commie
But I’m not the only one
And someday you will join us
Or we’ll shoot you in the face

Imagine no possessions
Because all your stuff was redistributed
Lots of greed and hunger
But seriously please can I have a potato
Imagine all the people sharing all your stuff, yeah

You may say I’m a commie
But I’m not the only one
Did you say you don’t like that?
Then it’s the gulag for you, son

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We are increasingly sacrificing common sense and rationality to a kind of mindless idealism Source: Andrew Fillat & Henry Miller | The Seattle School Board recently deemed inequality – too few minorities – in their gifted children program to be more important than nurturing the abilities of these intellectually talented kids. They propose to consign these high achievers […]


The Times They Are A Changin’ (For the Worst)

Trump names the first openly gay person to a cabinet-level position


So the new Director of National Intelligence is an Ass Bandit.

My how times have changed. Back in the old days of spying, being a Homo meant you were open to blackmail and coercion from the enemy. Now, you announce it from the rooftops to garner solidarity with other homo’s and show how “diverse” and “forward thinking” your administration is.

Politics is a crooked, dirty business.

Four years ago Trump waved a Gay Flag.

Now he’s hiring them for cabinet post.

Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Maybe “Trans-Gender” Chief Justices?

Who Knows.

Whatever it turns out to be, this IS NOT the America of our Forefathers anymore.