Goat Rodeo Gunfight


From Florida once again, a group of other than white thugs decide to blast it out with Police and a Goat Rodeo ensues.

Not sure what the point value is for a hopping black thug with a jammed AR Pistol but it has to be high?

This was a tough situation for the cops with the thugs having a INFANT in the car but thankfully at End of the Day we got a wounded cop who is expected to recover, an unharmed infant and a Dead thug so it’s a win.

A Declaration of War

Read this Twice and Pass it on to somebody you care about.

It’s time to Stand up to Federal Tyranny.

Survival Homestead

The NSBA letter is a blood libel against America’s dissenting parents. In a decent, free, and just society such a letter would be condemned and dismissed out of hand, but that is not the kind of society in which we live today.

A DECLARATION OF WAR – by C. Bradley Thompson

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The NRA’s Shameful Past & Dubious Future



A Painful Lesson On The History Of The NRA And Gun Control


Know your Firearm Laws History!

I saw through the NRA charade many years ago.

They are no more an “Advocacy group” than the NAACP!  They are a profit driven company which underlying dogma rest on the ideal that American’s gun rights are under constant threat and the only way to remedy that is to give the NRA more money.

But the icing on the cake for me personally was the Red Flag laws under Trump. NRA assisted on that and now surprise they are law in most all 50 States.


Second Thoughts About That FBI Report of a 40% Spike in Anti-Black Hate Crime

Second Thoughts About That FBI Report of a 40% Spike in Anti-Black Hate Crime


As per usual the FBI’s data set is imperfect and skewed.

Almost like they have an agenda?

Big surprise there.

“Some of the biggest increases in anti-black hate crimes occurred in Democratic Party strongholds yet, perhaps surprisingly, almost no increases were reported in major cities riven by the racially tinged protests and riots after George Floyd’s murder.”

“The recent FBI dataset tallies reported hate crimes, not the number proven in court.”

Texas News: Son of Slain Texas DPS Trooper Receives Dream Truck

Friends finish what Trooper Walker started, surprise son with revamped ‘dream truck’


Things like this give me hope that there are still DECENT people out there.

This amazing young man was the son of slain Texas DPS Trooper Chad Walker who was ambushed and killed by a Black Thug who later took the easy way out and ate a gun thus proving the old saying:

“The Coward dies a thousand deaths but the VALIANT only taste death but once.”