The Bad Guy with Body Armor Problem

A Good, practical read in a day and age when more bad guys are likely to be armored up.

I look at it like this: If Center of Mass is not working, try something else.

A head shot in the real world under stress is a low percentage shot from any distance so I would lean toward pelvis.

Point being, keep putting rounds into him/her until they are not a threat.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous


the street standards

The recent mass killer in Dayton was wearing a bullet resistant vest.  While he was quickly neutralized by the police (disappointingly, there appears to have been no armed citizens nearby) this raises the question of how an armed citizen (or an on- or off-duty officer) can best deal with this situation.  The issue is that if their rounds are stopped by the BG’s armor then he can continue to kill until 1) the good guy figures this out and 2) goes to plan B.  So we have two issues.

How do we figure out that the BG is wearing armor?  I’ve harped a lot in these pages about the fact that we shouldn’t shoot any faster than we can assess what’s going on in front of our muzzle.  (This tactic has been picked up and come to be called “not out-running your headlights” lately in the shooting community.)  If…

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Trump Tweets and Red Flag Laws

Trump’s Dig at Chris Cuomo Shows Arbitrary Danger of ‘Red Flag Laws’


In one tweet, POTUS shows the inherent DANGER of Red Flag Gun Laws and why they are RIPE for abuse and are a DANGEROUS legal tool for gun confiscation without due process.

Remember: The Second Amendment Ensures and PROTECTS the Rest of the Amendments!

Without being Armed, you have no recourse against a Tyrannical Government who wants to STOMP over your Constitutional Rights, like the Fourth and Fifth Amendment: UNREASONABLE SEARCH AND SEIZURES and DUE PROCESS OF LAW!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


A Call For Aid: Arizona Border Recon — American Partisan

I urge all my readers to visit Arizona Border Recon’s Site and Donate what you Can.

These guys are on the Front Lines ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING about the illegal immigration crisis facing our Country, they Deserve OUR HELP!


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Somebody’s gotta do it. That’s the attitude of Tim “Nailer” Foley and Arizona Border Recon, who’ve been on the front lines of the border crisis volunteering time and personal funds to what is a very real crisis. 21 more words

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Homeowner Shot by Police

Greenville, SC – On June 13th at around 11:49 PM, a Greenville County Dispatch Center Received a call from an alarm company regarding a panic alarm activation from the residence of 305 Eastcrest Drive. The alarm company attempted to make contact with the owner of the cell phone but did not receive an answer. The alarm company then notified the Greenville County dispatch center. The county dispatcher also attempted to make contact with the owner of the cell phone without success.

A deputy was then dispatched to the home at around 11:54 PM.

Just after midnight, the first deputy arrived on scene and rang the doorbell but was unable to make contact with anybody inside.

As the deputy proceeded to walk off the front porch to begin a perimeter check of the home, he noticed movement from inside the home and returned to the front door to further investigate.

As the deputy returned to the front door, he noticed a man through the window on the left side of the door.

The man who was later identified as the homeowner was seen on the deputy’s body-worn camera and observed by the deputy holding a gun.

According to the deputy, after noticing the man inside, he illuminates him with his flashlight and as he did so the man who was initially walking away from the front door turned and cornered his gun at him.

In an effort to defend himself against a perceived threat, the deputy fired his issued weapon as he retreated off the porch and subsequently struck the individual multiple times.

After a brief communication exchange between the deputy and homeowner, the deputy entered the residence and began to provide medical attention until EMS arrived on scene.

The individual is recovering from his wounds.

Lesson to be Learned: Communication is key. If the Homeowner would have spoken to the alarm company after the Panic Alarm had been triggered, all of this could have been avoided.

I always tell family and friends regardless of the situation, if police come to your house thinking a crime is being committed, DO NOT be the one with a gun. Also, if it is a 911 Call tell the dispatcher your EXACT Location in the house and what you are wearing so you don’t get shot in your own home by a nervous cop.

Cops are way too nervous and scared in this day and age, so don’t be taking chances!


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

The Tyler Wingate Murder and Racial Reality in America

Tyler Wingate came from an upstanding white liberal family from the upper-crust town of Berkley outside of Detroit. He foolishly believed that by moving into the third world, inner-city war zone that he could make some kind of “difference” by his misguided globalist belief of “We are all brothers despite our color.” Unfortunately, those very beliefs he lived by and espoused so strongly got him killed. A black thug beat him to death after a minor car accident while other black thugs watched.

Not surprisingly, things like this happen frequently, it’s just the MSM is silent about it because it ruins their “Trump’s America is Racist” narrative that BLACKS are always the Victims and WHITES always the Aggressors.

Ever hear about the story of Steven Utash?

Keep in mind this happened during the “Yes we Can” Obama reign, five years ago.

The fact of the matter folks is that BLACK ON WHITE CRIME in this country has been on a steady increase for the last decade, but you would never know it because of the Government’s very slick distraction campaign of filing Federal “Hate Crime” charges every time a black person is killed by a white, but NEVER the other way around.

One of the most heartbreaking examples of this fact is the story of Levi Cole Ellerbe.

Little Baby Levi was white and was kidnapped out of his home by three black crackheads and then burned to death in Louisiana.

Were “Hate Crime Charges” filed on these three Black drug addict Pieces of Human Filth? Nope.

But interestingly enough Obamas Lap Dog Attorney General Eric Holder attempted to file”Hate Crime”charges on George Zimmerman AFTER he was found NOT GUILTY in the self-defense shooting death of black thug Treyvon Martin in 2013. See how all this works?

Sadly, the misguided cultural and moral relativism bullshit that got Tyler Wingate stomped to death is RAMPANT among white liberals today thanks mostly to (SURPRISE!) white liberal parents and marxist, globalist Universities that pound it into their heads.

The two most prominent examples of this nonsense are the Rape and Murder of French Art Student Pippa Bacca in Turkey and the Murder of American’s Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan in Tajikistan.

All three of these people were killed by muslims. In fact in the case of Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan, they were murdered by three members of ISIS, who broadcast their despicable deed in a video.

The sad fact remains that because of the illegal immigration INVASION in this country, incidents like the ones I described above will only increase twenty fold, right here in our own backyard.

As I predicted a while back, it’s not just poor and illiterate mexicans and central american gang members we have to worry about, but also diseased black african serial killers and middle-eastern jihadist muslims.

They are all coming by the thousands. Pouring across our southern border and then dispersing through our nation like a cancer infecting a host.

What happened to Europe and Great Britain over the last five years with the great “Jihad by MIgration” was a harbinger for America, but alas, we did not heed it, and so now we are “Reaping the Whirlwind” of our laziness and political corruption.

Yes we need to Build a Wall but more than that We need to:

  1.  DEPORT the ones that are here

  2.  ELIMINATE “Sanctuary Cities” which are nothing but criminal havens for illegals

  3.  CHANGE our antiquated and ridiculously inept Immigration Laws that allow six times deported Criminals to re-enter this country and rape and kill at will

Stand Tall Against the Rising Tide.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Being on the Defense Versus Being on the Attack

WATCH: Woman Opens Fire, Shoots Attackers in Pennsylvania Walmart


This incident is a good lesson to Armed Citizens everywhere.

First, it is important to point out that although the MULTIPLE attackers were UNARMED, legally, a person has the right to use DEADLY FORCE when they are OUTNUMBERED or a DISABILITY or AGE puts them at a Disadvantage. This is called DISPARITY OF FORCE.

Secondly, In the litigious society in which we live, it is not enough to PROVE you acted in Self-Defense, you must also PROVE that your COUNTER-ATTACK did not go past the point which is considered Legally Reasonable.

In the video you will see the Defendant fire numerous rounds at the attackers as they were FLEEING.

Can’t Do That.

As Armed Citizens, this is a VERY difficult situation to train for because of the chaos and adrenaline of combat.

Suffice to say it is better to learn from other peoples mistakes than make it Yourself.

That is called WISDOM!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Backpedaling is Bad!


Here we have yet another Police Body Cam out of Florida where a druggie/crazy guy charges a cop with a knife.

This is a BAD situation to be in tactically speaking.

The Cop is in a CONFINED Space with limited egress routes. When the guy charges, the Cop is forced to back Pedal down a narrow hallway. During this time, he deploys his taser which is ineffective.  He then has to go to his pistol and put the guy down.

If you remember the video out of Georgia two weeks ago, it was a very similar situation.

Remember: Cops are required to abide by the Force Continuum and use the least amount of force necessary to subdue a subject. This is why we often see cops pleading with these people (often while backing up) and using tasers or pepper spray before their firearms, even though in a majority of the cases the situation has gone far beyond non-lethal force.

As an armed citizen, we are not constrained by such rules. We are not required to use non-lethal force FIRST in a situation when our life is in danger.

The bad thing about Back Pedaling in a situation like this or ANY situation where you are fighting for your life is there is very real chance you might trip over something, including your own feet and go to the ground.

If you do, you automatically put yourself at a disadvantage and that drugged up idiot with a knife will be on top of you in a flash trying to put 5 inches of steel into your gut.

The rule of thumb about backing up is only do it to gain a better position, as in cover. If you are going to retreat, turn around and retreat, otherwise, turn around and fight. In a fight, backing up while not looking where you are going is dumb.

“Forward never Backward” was the motto when we used to train. Dominate the space around you!

Your Life Depends on it!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!