George Floyd Admitted Drug Overdose

George Floyd was a multiple felon drug addict POS who held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach during a home invasion in 2007.

He does not deserve murals or tributes or songs written about him nor the steam off my shit.

This trial is a hypocritical mockery of “justice” where white cops are going to go to prison to placate the black masses so they won’t loot Target stores or burn down their own city AGAIN.

It’s a Sham Ladies and Gentleman, pure and simple.

Even if the FACTS are starting to be exposed.

American Remnant

In the show trial of former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin today, his defense attorney played a clip of George Floyd’s admission that he overdosed: “I ate too many drugs.”

But we already knew that, as I reported months ago for The New American. It’s in the autopsy report:

A memorandum from the assistant county attorney for Hennepin County, Minnesota, confirms that George Floyd had taken a fatal dose of fentanyl before the encounter on May 25 with police officer Derek Chauvin, during which Floyd died. …

The memorandum, which cites the county medical examiner’s opinion, validates the official autopsy, which showed high levels of the potentially fatal narcotic in Floyd’s bloodstream, but no life-threatening injuries from the knee restraint with which Chauvin pinned…

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Blacks Committed 73% of Mass Shootings In 2020. Many Cases Remain Unsolved. Where Is The FBI?

According to demographic ​data compiled by researchers at, black men committed 73% of mass shootings in 2020, in contrast whites were only 13% of known culprits.

Open your eyes to the Anti-White campaign being enforced by the modern day Stasi (F.B.I.)

Dismiss the False Narrative!


As the media, FBI and Anti-Defamation League declare “white supremacy” and “domestic terrorism” the gravest threats to public safety in America, neither played any role in the outbreak of violence in2020 –one of the deadliest years in American history.

Disingenuous political actors often point to the Charleston Church Shooting in 2015, the Tree of Life Synagogue incident of 2018, or the El Paso Wal Mart killings in 2019 to demonstrate the proclivity of white men to engage in indiscriminate killings. The latest figureson the approximately 603 mass shootings last year painta radically different picture.

According to demographic ​data compiled by researchers at, black men committed 73% of mass shootings in 2020, in contrast whites were only 13% of known culprits.  

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Texas News: State Trooper Shot in Central Texas identified; Suspect Remains at Large

State Trooper shot in Central Texas Identified; Suspect Remains at Large

Of course it’s a Black felon with a rap sheet longer than your arm.

Best case scenario is this POS is on a slab by this afternoon.

If you are near Coolidge, Texas

Please Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

DPS Issues Blue Alert:

DeArthur Pinson, 37 yo Black Male, 220 lbs, Facial Hair Last Seen wearing Black Hoodie, Shorts w/Stripe Down Side, May be Wearing Glasses. Wanted in Connection with Shooting of DPS Trooper in Mexia Texas. Considered Armed and Dangerous.

The Reality of our Current Government

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Retired Army Sgt. Kenneth Harrelson Arrested for Attending Jan. 6 Protests – Family’s Bank Account Locked Down, Wife Loses Her Job, They Are Frightened and Don’t Know What to Do

And Now for some REAL News.

This is the REALITY of the marxist goon leadership in D.C and their stasi stooges in Law Enforcement including the F.B.I:

Destroying the life of a disabled combat veteran and his family for what?

Exercising their constitutional rights to assemble?

Take Note of their Modus Operandi:

Every facet of the system created to PROTECT you is now being used to DESTROY you.

Prepare Accordingly.

*Please donate whatever you can to the Harrelson family!

God knows they deserve and need it!


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!