Two Rode Together

Oliver Loving and Charles Goodnight made history in 1866, and 120 years later Larry McMurtry made them legends


The story of Loving and Goodnight influenced Texas Western writer Larry McMurtry to write one of the most authentic and influential western saga’s of our time, Lonesome Dove.



Requiem for a Culture, Part 5: The Graves of the Ancestors

Requiem for a Culture, Part 5: The Graves of the Ancestors


This is the fifth essay in an occasional series.

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“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

— William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun, Act I, Scene III (page 80 in the Vintage paperback edition)


Obscure American History: The Legend of the Moon-Eyed People

The Legend of the Moon-Eyed People


According to formulations of Cherokee legend as told by historians, the Cherokee in Appalachia–before the arrival of colonists–expelled a race of small, bearded people who could only see by night.

Some historians claim that the legend states that the Moon Eyed people were white. This is likely an embellishment. But it’s used to explain the existence of a few anomalous sites. Such as the vaguely European-style Fort Mountain Stone Wall.

There are also claims (including on a Fort Mountain State Park Plaque and, supposedly, by the 18th C. Cherokee chief Oconostota) that the Moon Eyed people are descendants of the Welsh prince Madoc–who, according to Welsh legend, sailed to America in 1170.


Remembering Waco Thirty Years Later

Remembering Waco Thirty Years Later

30 years ago today, the ATF raided the Branch Davidians’ church/home on a bullshit gun warrant.

They murdered 6 innocent people and lost 4 of their own to defensive fire.

51 days later Bill Clinton sent the FBI Hostage Rescue Team and Delta Force to finish them off. 

I highly recommend you take the time and watch the video collection in the title link.

In a time of Universal Deceit we must continually expound The TRUTH!






What If Rhodesia Survived? | Alternate History