Dystopianism Becoming Painfully Accurate

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John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© February 11, 2023

While there is still a semblance of Freedom/Liberty that allows Free Speech sharing, I thought I’d share some potentially anti-Liberty issues that reach the level of dystopianism.

First up is an article The Exposé picked up which is a piece that is dated 1989 but circulated frequently on the Internet for over a decade. The article id about microchipping humanity via vaccines. My guess the so-called 1989 article is fictional because the source (The Sun) denies the article appeared in its publication. BUT it clearly appears in a book by Milton William Cooper entitled “Behold a Pale Horse” in 1991 still available at Amazon. Unsurprisingly, Wikipedia paints Cooper as a Conspiracy nonjob.

Behold a Pale Horse Book Jacket

The irony is some of his theories are still hard to digest yet some are emerging…

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Whistleblower Reveals What is Behind the Mass Attacks on US Food Facilities (Video)




Whistleblower Reveals What is Behind the Mass Attacks on US Food Facilities (Video)


Would a Government subsidize an attack on it’s own food supply to hasten the Great Reset and Replacement?

Look at the Condition of this Country right now and ask yourself this question:

“Is this Federal Government more concerned with tearing things down or building them up?”

The Facts really speak for themselves folks.

Prepare Accordingly.

Never Forget What They Have Done







Know Your White South African History: The Battle of Blood River (1838)

On This Day in History: The Battle of Blood River


I find it fascinating that white settlers fighting off savages to try and make a better life for their families is not just a purely American story!

Manifest Destiny applies to White’s Everywhere!

For further reading on the subject, check out Origins of the Battle of Blood River 1838.


Nothing Sacred

Nothing Sacred

“How can reverence of the dead be acceptable or expected when the sexualization of children is increasingly being forced into commonplace? Who are you to stand in the way of progress, in the face of the culture of Western self immolation? A society that tolerates any degree of it is a society already in steep decline. Having no first principles to stand upon, no level of depravity is too low. They’ve indeed come for your kids, while murdering your culture, and you and I shall be next.”