How Many Times in a Decade Does Europe (and America) Have to be Invaded by Muslims?

AS IF Iran is going to take these People! Please!

One thing I know first hand is that Muslims are STRONGLY DIVIDED and Iran is a Shia Country NOT Sunni. Fun Fact: At last census Afghanistan has a 90% Sunni and 10% Shia Population. Whoops!

Just like with Syria, Iran will pawn these people off on some Liberal European Country eager to support “Human Rights” so fast it will make your head spin.

Question: So when one of these assholes walks into a School and blows up a bunch of innocent white kids where are their “Human Rights?”

Stop the Madness.


Texas News: Muslim ‘inspired by a foreign terrorist organization’ murders Lyft driver, opens fire at police station

Texas News: Muslim ‘inspired by a foreign terrorist organization’ murders Lyft driver, opens fire at police station


Well that did not take long.

Prepare Accordingly for more SHIT like this on a daily basis in AMERICA.

When you lay down to these animals and then arm them with $85 Billion in Weapons the end result is WAR on your own doorstep.

Thanks Retard Joe.

Jihad by Migration

The Afghans are Coming!


It’s so massive we are having to deploy troops DOMESTICALLY at military bases all over the country (including at Fort Hood in my home state of Texas) to help contain them.

FYI: It’s NEVER a good thing when U.S. Troops are deployed Domestically folks, regardless of the reason.

Jihad by Migration is happening in real time AGAIN both in America and Europe and if you understand and respect History you know what happens next:

If you have not come to the conclusion that the Morons in Charge want to Destroy Western White Civilization brick by brick by opening the flood gates to the Barbarians, here is your Wake Up Call.

Prepare Accordingly.


The Afghan Invasion of America

Afghan Invasion of America is Underway


Once you have absorbed the facts of this obvious subversion of the National Security of the U.S. bounce it off the stories below of what is currently happening in Europe where the invasion has already taken place and the innocent casualties are mounting by the day.

The story of the Brutal Rape and Murders of Mollie Tibbetts, Mackenzie Lueck and Jupiter Paulsen must not be forgotten!

DO NOT let their Stories be Swept under the Rug! All Lives Matter!

Stop the importation of these foreign criminals NOW!


Fourth Afghan Migrant is Arrested for the Gang Rape and Murder of a 13-Year-Old Austrian Girl


Afghan wanted in connection with 13-year-old Austrian girl’s gang-rape and murder is arrested in London