AL TARMIYAH FIREFIGHT!: Lessons Learned The Hard Way

AL TARMIYAH FIREFIGHT!: Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Excellent article about Practical Combat Rifle Skills we need to keep sharp as civilians:


  • Assuming I killed the bad guy with one shot to the torso area

  • Performing a slow reload

  • Retaining my empty magazine during the middle of such an intense firefight

  • Stowing an empty magazine in the same location as my fresh magazines

  • Looking down at my weapon while reloading

  • Having my rifle in the Low Ready while reloading

  • Standing bladed and not taking advantage of my ballistic plates



No Blood for Burisma

No Blood for Burisma

If you read one article this week, read this one, and then pass it on to somebody you care about.

My friend NC Scout hit’s the nail on the proverbial head with a fine piece of writing.


Range Report: The Iraqi Tabuk Sniper Rifle

Anybody who served in the Iraq War during the height of the insurgency (2005-2007) or are familiar with modern military sniper history know the story of the Iraqi Sniper Juba and his Tabuk Sniper Rifle.

I have to be honest, I was jaw-dropped impressed with the performace of both the shooter and this rifle with Ball ammo and a malfunctioning scope to 500 yards!



Crusader Corner: Jihadist Mercs



The paradigm of your typical untrained spray and pray jihadist just got dumped on it’s head.

Thanks NCScout and American Partisan for an excellent article!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


Weapons and Ammo: An Entertaining Look at “Iraqi Gunsmithing”

WTF is This??

WTF is This??

Iraqi Gunsmithing: SKS, Mosin Nagant Aficionados Be Warned!!

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I will warn you ahead of time; the photos that are included in this link are both atrocious and hilarious.

What they do to some of these older C&R Rifles to “modernize” them is just plain WRONG!!

The bad thing is I bet like me, some of you guys have seen weapons as bad as this at some rifle training classes!!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!