Crusader Corner: Jihadist Mercs



The paradigm of your typical untrained spray and pray jihadist just got dumped on it’s head.

Thanks NCScout and American Partisan for an excellent article!

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Weapons and Ammo: An Entertaining Look at “Iraqi Gunsmithing”

WTF is This??

WTF is This??

Iraqi Gunsmithing: SKS, Mosin Nagant Aficionados Be Warned!!

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I will warn you ahead of time; the photos that are included in this link are both atrocious and hilarious.

What they do to some of these older C&R Rifles to “modernize” them is just plain WRONG!!

The bad thing is I bet like me, some of you guys have seen weapons as bad as this at some rifle training classes!!

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Texas News & Terror Alert: Jihad by Migration Strikes Again


Iraqi Refugee Living In Houston Pleads Guilty To Trying To Help ISIS

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Just one of many middle eastern “refugees” who have come to this country because they love it so much and want to contribute.

Multiculturalism at it’s finest.

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Crusader Corner: Revenge is a Bitch and Happiness is a Warm Gun



Iraqi woman guns down ISIS commander as bloody revenge for making her a sex slave

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I like reading stories like this, as it reminds me of the scripture:

“For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind” -Hosea 8:7

To all muslim Pagan evildoers: Your time is up. Time to reap the whirlwind.

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Fighting ISIS

Although Vice is known to be a liberal hand puppet, they do make some very good War Documentaries and go where other journalist are afraid to. Ultimately, you have to separate the bias from the facts and move on.

This is the full length 47 minute Documentary called “Fighting ISIS” ¬†that aired on HBO last week.

With San Bernardino, Orlando and now the recent stabbing incident in Virginia, we need to be vigilant and understand the ISIS threat is no longer just in Iraq and Syria.


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