The Surveillance State: Intelligence Community Developing AI Tool To Unmask Anonymous Writers

Intelligence Community Developing AI Tool To Unmask Anonymous Writers


A press release on Tuesday from the ODNI revealed that the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), their research and development arm, is starting work on the Human Interpretable Attribution of Text Using Underlying Structure program – HIATUS for short.


Insurgency Lessons Learned from the “Big Fella”





Ukraine Invasion: Preparedness Lessons Learned

Ukraine Invasion: Preparedness Lessons Learned


A good, practical read for the Armed Citizen.

The bottom line is that we should not be wasting our time watching, reading and arguing about war propaganda.

The Nature of War is Deceit and Lies.

We should be using our valuable time to Train and Prepare so we don’t end up a cautionary tale!

Time is Short, Prepare Accordingly!

The Proliferation of Wireless Signal Jammers

The Proliferation of Wireless Signal Jammers


This is a fundmental part of 4GW.

Learn about it now so you are not behind the 8 ball.


Article of the Week: All Rats Must Swim

All Rats Must Swim


QAnon sprung sprung forth as the Alt-Right was gaining momentum via relatively free social media access, and real-life rallies and assemblies which were antithetical to the goals of our ruling class. When an organic, grassroots dissident movement like the AR started winning hearts and minds at an incredible pace, Q was the red herring to lead millions of White middle Americans astray.

Q kept people within the realm of system-acceptable political belief while allowing the average Trump voter a hint of our elite’s dirty secrets. For many, Q’s emphasis on podophiles and human trafficking confirmed what they had already suspected. Confirmation bias is powerful. But for many others uninitiated in the depravities of the current year, gaining forbidden knowledge of an ancient death cult made them go mad with curiosity and rage. Q exploded onto the scene, stealing air from the Alt-Right’s sails, condemning our faction, and herding its adherents into the pen of system-created and system-approved dissent.

This effectively became another off-ramp for potentially radical political energy of the masses of the populist right.

“We enemies of the State must unlearn what we’ve been taught throughout most of our lives. We cannot continue to rely on various third parties’ permission to exist. We must prioritize our own tribe above all else. This involves abandoning System-backed software (and institutions). We need to build our own societies, parallel to the dysgenic hellholes most of us find ourselves in. This effort includes handling our own means of communication just as much as it includes growing/producing good food, being knowledgeable and useful, and striking the enemy where it hurts them the most.”