In Memoriam: Mickey Gilley

Country music icon Mickey Gilley dies at age 86

Growing up in the early 80’s, Mickey Gilley and his famous honky-tonk in Pasadena “Gilley’s” (made famous by the movie Urban Cowboy with John Travolta) were the stuff of legend and considered a Texas Treasure.

I still remember this one being played on the jukebox at my mom’s store non-stop:


RIP Mickey, You are a Texas Legend!


In Memoriam: John Ross

A Sad Day


Per WRSA, if you have not read John’s Book, Unintended Consequences, you can get a free .pdf copy HERE.

Please distribute Far and Wide.

The WAR for Your 2A Rights is Real and Coming Soon to your Front Doorstep.

RIP John.

You Fought the Good Fight my Friend.

Bad-Ass Files: Remembering SAS Legend John McAleese

John McAleese’s story is one of a true modern day Spartan.

The man was an absolute beast when it came to early Counter-Terrorism Operations.

John’s life continues to inspire millions.

The character of “Captain Price” in the Call of Duty Video Game Franchise is based looely on his life and exploits.


In Memoriam: Jack Higgins

Jack Higgins, author of ‘The Eagle Has Landed,’ dead at 92


I was sad to hear of Jack’s passing. His books were a big inspiration to me growing up, especially his Liam Devlin series.

Tonight I will re-read The Eagle has Landed and watch the excellent movie with Michael Caine and Robert Duvall In Memory of You Jack.

Say Their Names….

Now Let’s Just Hope this Black POS does not get Bail.

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