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I’m sure you are all familiar with Drudge and the many similar sites that provide timely headlines in areas of the media that appeal to you. 71 more words

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Rant #253: The Tyler Wingate Murder and Racial Reality in America

From the Archives, 2019

It never fails, every time a black person is killed in this country the MSM attempts to stir up the sheeple with cries of “justice!”, but as this post from 2019 shows, where was the media frenzy when WHITE people (including a white child kidnapped and Burned to death) were murdered by blacks and muslims?

It was non-existent because we live in a hypocritical society where only CERTAIN lives matter, more specifically, BLACK ones.

Tyler Wingate came from an upstanding white liberal family from the upper-crust town of Berkley outside of Detroit. He foolishly believed that by moving into the third world, inner-city war zone that he could make some kind of “difference” by his misguided globalist belief of “We are all brothers despite our skin color.”

Unfortunately, those very beliefs he lived by and espoused so strongly got him killed. A black thug beat him to death after a minor car accident while other black thugs watched and cheered.

Not surprisingly, things like this happen in inner-city warzones like Detroit frequently, it’s just the MSM is silent about it because it ruins their “Trump’s America is Racist” narrative that BLACKS are always the Victims and WHITES always the Aggressors.

Ever hear about the story of Steven Utash?

Keep in mind this happened during the “Yes we Can” Obama reign, five years ago.

The fact of the matter is that BLACK ON WHITE CRIME in this country has been on a steady increase for the last decade, but you would never know it because of the Government’s very slick distraction campaign of filing Federal “Hate Crime” charges every time a black person is killed by a white, but NEVER the other way around.

One of the most heartbreaking examples of this fact is the story of Levi Cole Ellerbe.

Little Baby Levi was white and was kidnapped out of his home by three black crackheads and then burned to death in Louisiana.

Were “Hate Crime Charges” filed on these three Black drug addict Pieces of Human Filth?


But interestingly enough Obamas Lap Dog Attorney General Eric Holder attempted to file”Hate Crime”charges on George Zimmerman AFTER he was found NOT GUILTY in the self-defense shooting death of black thug Treyvon Martin in 2013.

See how all this works?

Sadly, the misguided cultural and moral relativism bullshit that got Tyler Wingate stomped to death is RAMPANT among white liberals today thanks mostly to (SURPRISE!) white liberal parents and marxist, globalist Universities that pound this non-sense into their heads.

The two most prominent examples of this failed ideology are the Rape and Murder of French Art Student Pippa Bacca in Turkey and the Murder of American’s Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan in Tajikistan.

All three of these people were killed by jihadist muslims.

In fact in the case of Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan, they were murdered by three members of ISIS, who broadcast their despicable deed in a video.

The sad fact remains that because of the illegal immigration INVASION in this country, incidents like the ones I described above will only increase twenty fold, right here in our own backyard.

As I predicted a while back, it’s not just poor and illiterate mexicans and Central american gang members we have to worry about, but also diseased black african serial killers and middle-eastern jihadist muslims.

They are pouring into this country by the thousands.

Marching across our southern border and then dispersing through our nation like a cancer infecting a host.

What happened to Europe and Great Britain over the last five years with the great “Jihad by MIgration” was a harbinger for America, but alas, we did not heed it, and so now we are “Reaping the Whirlwind” of our laziness and political corruption.

Yes we need to Build a Wall but more than that we need to:

  1.  DEPORT the ones that are here.

  2.  ELIMINATE “Sanctuary Cities” which are nothing but criminal and infectious disease havens for illegals.

  3.  CHANGE our antiquated and ridiculously inept Immigration Laws that allow six times deported Criminals to re-enter this country and rape and kill at will.

Stand Tall Against the Rising Tide!

California: Armenian Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Multiple Charges; Bribed FBI and Homeland Security Agents

As the old saying goes, don’t scratch of that scab or you are going to find a lot of Pus.

CORRUPTION inside the Federal Immigration and Law Enforcement cabals is sickening, but you already knew that.

And you wonder why this country is being over run by foreigners?

In a word, GREED.

….among other things! Thanks to reader Judy for alerting me to the story at the Washington Times from yesterday entitled: ICE, FBI agents took bribes to provide ‘protection,’ cook books on immigration cases, feds say… 880 more words

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Dear Mr. President, You Will Not Energize the Base with Half Measures on Immigration

Half-Ass Promises with Half-Ass Results.

The Status Quo remains unchanged as always.


So much for the President halting all immigration to the US during the on-going Chinese virus crisis. See yesterday’s post. Today we have Politico… 497 more words

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Another Police Shooting in Another Sanctuary City

San Leando is a suburb of San Francisco, the Heavyweight Champion of Sanctuary Cities.

This is a place where homeless drug addicts and felons from all over the world can come and murder innocent citizens and be acquitted and also Shit on the Sidewalk and streets freely and the city will create a tax funded Poop Patrol to clean it up.

California is self-destructing by it’s own immigration policies.

It’s Clown World.

Texas News: Lawsuit Seeks to Release Prisoners Due to COVID Concerns, including Kenyan Killer?

This is Clown World to the 10th power folks.

I would like to say no judge in his right mind would ever consider granting a motion like this, but with the broken state of US Justice System currently, I would say our chances are 50/50.

Either way, Stay Vigilant and Armed.


Dallas County Jail is a hotspot for COVID-19 and as a result many prisoners have been released. According to Fox4News yesterday: Officials release 1,000 inmates to ease crowding, slow spread of COVID-19 at Dallas County jail… 748 more words

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West Virginia Food Stamp Fraud Case with Interesting Twist; Yes! Deport Them!

So these Jordanian POS get a business start up loan from the Federal Govt and then turn that business (Quickie Mart) into a criminal enterprise whereby they rip off the American taxpayer through the SNAP Food Stamp Program then get Deported for no jail time.


It has been awhile since I’ve seen an interesting food stamp fraud case which was one of my driving interests when I first started writing… 1,047 more words

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