Hostile or Friendly? Target Discrimination with Paul Howe

Hostile or Friendly? Target Discrimination with Paul Howe


Fellow Texan and former D-Boy Paul Howe with some really Sound Advice regarding Target Discrimination.

For all you Home and Land Owners, Target Identification, particularly at Night, is CRITICAL before pulling the trigger!

Prepare Accordingly.

Things are about to get Taco Bell HOT Spicy.


While the Press Runs Away, Americans Live Under a Deadly Reign of BLM Terror

While the Press Runs Away, Americans Live Under a Deadly Reign of BLM Terror


While we are on the subject of Black Crime Skyrocketing Across the Nation, consider these items of interest:

This last item goes right along with the current West Coast trend of Black and Brown Thugs invading Upper Class White Neighborhoods with “Follow Home Invasions” and High End Smash and Grab Jobs in Beverly Hills and Bel-Air.

It’s Obvious these Colorful Criminal POS are spurred on by BLM’s constant Anti-White rhetoric and the current Government Legal agenda to Support and Perpetuate Black Crime.

Make no Mistake the BLM Problem is Snow-Balling and is Coming Soon to a Town and Neighborhood Near You.

The Great Replacement is not a Conspiracy Folks, it’s a Crime Wave.

Arm Up and Prepare Accordingly.

Home Security/Safety Tips


Very Basic and Practical Primer on Home Security and Safety.

Remember: By Executing the Fundamentals of Anything you can Increase your Chances of Success by 50%!

Don’t Neglect the Basics.

Prepare Now or Pay Later.

Shooting the Shorties



When these first hit the market I did not see the practical benefit to be honest with you.

Yes, they are small and compact, but at what expense?

What are you giving up for that convenience?

For me, I would much rather pack a Mossberg 500 Cruiser or Remington 870 Cruiser.

Is it as compact? No. But by retaining the pistol grip I still have some semblance of controllability, not to mention keeping decent capacity (6+1).

But as time has went by and several friends of mine slowly began singing the praises of these midget fire breathing beast, I started seeing the benefits.

One of the biggest benefits is they give you the closest legal thing to an SBR Shotgun you can find without the un-Constitutional registration and “tax stamp” and in the age of the ATF Stasi, who doesn’t like giving the finger to the man when it comes to inalienable Gun Rights!

I am a huge believer in the Shotgun for Home Defense/CQ engagements and having one or two of these babies tucked away in the right spot could never hurt!

How to Build a Safehouse