I am reading a short novel right now about the Vikings in Ireland so I found this fascinating.

Few places suffered more at the hands of the Vikings than Ireland. For the best part of 200 years the Vikings systematically milked Ireland of its people to supply the slave trade, yet, for all their military success they failed to conquer and settle in any territory besides a few fortified coastal enclaves. This is […]

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Know Your History: The Invisible Hand of Conquest – How Smallpox Defeated Armies, Toppled Empires & Changed History

Getting a Big Picture understanding of how contagions have shaped our history can put things in perspective.


“Its presence shaped the fate of North America fully as much as any bullets, blades or bayonets.” By John Danielski THE CORONA VIRUS is not the first contagion to threaten the stability of civilization. Throughout history, disease has often functioned… Read more → The post The Invisible Hand of Conquest – How Smallpox Defeated Armies,…

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The Last Living Paratrooper from MacArthur’s return …..

Amazing Story. Thanks GP!

Pacific Paratrooper

Gen. Douglas MacArthur (l.) and Richard “Dick” Adams (r.)

Richard Adams describes General MacArthur as “quite a guy.”

In commemoration of the 75th year of World War II in the Philippines, one of its heroes returned. Richard “Dick” Adams visited Corregidor once again, but this time, he did not parachute out of a C-47 plane to land on the towering trees of the Rock. The 98-year-old understandably opted to ride a ferry.

He was recently, poignantly, at the MacArthur Suite of the Manila Hotel, in a room dedicated to Gen. Douglas MacArthur, who led the American and Filipino troops in liberating the country from Japanese occupation. MacArthur actually stayed in that suite for six years, as Manila Hotel’s honorary general manager.

It was a time of fear across the country as Japanese forces ravaged Manila and the countryside. People clung to MacArthur’s words, “I shall return,” which he said after he was…

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Know Your History: WW2 Trifecta

Some Light Reading…



This Panzer Ace Destroyed More Than A Dozen British Tanks


Operation Queen: The Western Allied November 1944 Offensive


Ireland Was Neutral in World War II, so Why Did the Nazis Attack It?



Know Your History: Multicultural Vikings?

Multicultural Vikings


The on-going agenda by so called “academics” on the left to manipulate the present by distorting the past needs to be confronted head on.

Know Your History.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Military Organisation of the Holy Roman Empire

Know Your History, it’s Interesting Reading!


Although firmly rooted and fairly well developed in the Rhineland, Franconia, Lorraine (the old Lotharingia) and Burgundy, feudalism in its widest sense was never as strong in Germany as in, say, France or England, and true knighthood and the customary granting of fiefs was unknown in Germany until the 12th century; the earliest recorded instance […]

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