MG-42: German Machine Gun

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Today we look at the German MG-42, which was the most infamous machine gun introduced in the war, capable of shredding through any target.

MG42 Sideview 2.jpg

German MG-42

1,200 rounds/min (varied between 900–1,500 rounds/min with different bolts)
Practical: 153 rounds/min – Fully-automatic only .


German Auto and Semi-Auto Weapons, up to 1945 (no rifles)

Was the MG 42 truly better than the MG 34?

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Colt Monitor – BAR Evolved

The Colt Monitor – BAR Evolved


If you have not seen The Highwaymen on Netflix, check it out. It is a Historically accurate account of Bonnie and Clyde and the men who hunted them down. It is also a gun nut’s movie through and through.

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M-5 Stuart, Satan Flamethrower Tank

Pacific Paratrooper

The light M5 Stuart remained in use as a main battle tank for much longer in the Pacific than in other theaters. It was better than the Japanese Type 95 Ha-go light tank. The Type 97 Chi-ha medium tank had a more powerful 47mm gun, but much thinner armor (only 25mm at its thickest), so the M5 and M5A1 could fight it on at least equal terms.

Being outfitted with a Ronson flamethrower which replaced the main gun. 20 tanks were converted for US Marine Corps in 1943. They were used to great effect on Japanese strong points and caves that proved a tough nut to crack for the advancing Marines.

In Europe, Allied light tanks had to be given cavalry and infantry fire support roles since their main cannon armament could not compete with heavier enemy armored fighting vehicles.  However, the Stuart was still effective in combat in the Pacific…

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WW2 History: The British Cromwell Tank

One of the sleekest British cruiser tank designs of WW2 that saw action primarily with the “Bloody 7th”, (British Seventh Armored Division) during Operation Market Garden in September 1944 in Holland.


Warfare History Network

Weapons and Warfare


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Learning From History: What the Versailles Treaty Teaches Us About Gun Control

What The Versailles Treaty Teaches Us About Gun Control

There are so many good lessons history can teach us if we would only stop and heed them!

The summary paragraph bears repeating:

“In other words, vindictiveness and enforced disarmament failed. It failed because demonizing an entire group of people when the responsibility is much more complex creates resentments that fester. It failed because people who are determined to be armed will find a way. And it failed because it neglected to address the factors that motivated the second round of conflict in Europe. Advocates of gun control would do well to learn this lesson.”

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Addressing and Breaking the AK Stigma



I feel very humbled that the good folks over at American Partisan magazine chose to reprint an article I wrote way back in 2015.

My sincerest Thanks go out to NC Scout and Kit Perez for all their hard work.

Please take some time and go over and subscribe to American Partisan magazine today. The Staff and contributing writers have a wealth of knowledge to share on every  possible pertinent subject to the Prepper/Patriot Lifestyle.

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Modern Warfare: Booby-Trapped AK Mags


Boobytrapped Mag in Bosnia

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Something to think about when battlefield pickups are your only option…these bastards are getting more and more crafty.

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