The German Art of Bunker Building – WW2 Special


Few things of the Second World War are more intimidating than the iconic German Bunker. Made out of reinforced concrete with a thickness of up to 3.5 meter, these casemates and pillboxes were incredibly tough to destroy. Built to withstand shells and bombs, they provided shelter to troops and civilians alike. But there were also some even larger super-structures. From giant U-Boat shelters and fearsome Flak-Towers, to the ultimate Führerbunker, the Germans perfected the art of bunker building.

World War Two

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Know Your Weapons: Making M14’s and ICBM’s

Making M14s and ICBMs


Really interesting piece of firearms history!

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WW2 History: Brecourt Manor Artillery Explained

At the HBO Band of Brothers 2019 Reunion in Normandy, Capt. Dale Dye (Who played Colonel Sink in the series and is also a Military Historian and Advisor) explains how basic Military Artillery works and how the German 105 Howitzers operated at Brecourt Manor on D-Day.

Discussion begins at 2:25

To see an excellent overview of the Assault on the Brecourt Manor Guns on D-Day by Lt. Dick Winters and his Fire Team, watch HERE.


Know Your Weapons: M1 Carbine

One of America’s Legendary Small Arms was designed by a Convict

Rednecks and Hillbilly outlaws made this Country great!

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