Know Your WW1 History: April 25, 1915 – WWI Allied Troops Land in Gallipoli

April 25, 1915 – WWI Allied Troops Land in Gallipoli


Excellent overview of the Gallipoli campaign debacle.

It is important to note that some historians have attempted to lay the blame of this military tragedy solely at Winston Churchill’s feet (who at the time was the Lord of the Admiralty) but this is not the case as the article states:

Winston Churchill, Lord of the Admiralty, tried to argue for a combined attack by the army and navy; a purely naval attack would merely provide the Turkish artillery with an opportunity to make literal the concept of “turkey shoot.” But the War Minister, Lord Kitchener, declined to provide any troops for Churchill’s navy; he felt they were needed in Europe. Thus Churchill was forced to do his best with the navy, and the inevitable disaster ensued.

Sidebar: The Australian TV series Gallipoli (2015) was really well done and I highly recommend it if you have not seen it.

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Beowulf: The Epic in Performance – Benjamin Bagby, voice and medieval harp

H/T Survive the Jive

Beowulf: The Epic in Performance – Benjamin Bagby, voice and medieval harp — Survival Homestead

Know Your Military History: Intimate Enemies

Intimate Enemies (L’ennemi intime) 2007

A French Film with english sub-titles, this movie tracks a French Army Platoon in 1959 during the Algerian War of Independence, which in terms of studying Guerilla Warfare is a red letter date event.

When studying how Guerilla Warfare has changed, one of the re-occurring themes you will come across again and again is the REBELLION AGAINST COLONIAL POWERS , namely, Spain, England and France.

Besides the study of the Boer War, The French Algerian War offers some of the best hindsight in WHAT NOT TO DO in COIN, namely: The mistreatment of the indigenous populace.

If you have not already, I highly recommend watching The Battle of Algiers as well.

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Historical Films Worth A Damn: Beowulf and Grendel (2005)

There have been may versions of this Old Norse story/poem told through the ages and although this one did not get a lot of fanfare or love from “critics” when it was released in 2005, I personally think it is one of the most authentic Fantasy/Viking movies made in the last twenty years. It is Certainly better than that imitation, soap-opera, multi-culturalist/woke Vikings SHITE!

The film has a AWESOME cast including Stellan Skarsgard, Eddie Marsan, Gerald Butler and Icelandic actor Olafur Dari Olofsson. The scenery is just amazing, being filmed mostly in Iceland in horrendous weather conditions.

You can watch it free HERE.

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