RKBA News: Kroger Grocery Chain Bans All “Assault Weapon Content” Reading Material

Massive Grocery Chain Takes Anti-Gun Lunacy to New Level, Bans Reading Material


The Kroger grocery store chain was once lauded by gun owners for standing up to the lunacy of gun control advocates who demanded they ban customers with open or concealed carry weapons from their retail outlets.

Sadly, it appears that the pressure from those who seek to eradicate firearms and the Second Amendment have finally succeeded in wearing down the will of Kroger to resist, not when it comes to open or concealed carry of handguns, but on the issue of so-called “assault weapons” like the AR-15 and other semi-automatic rifles in common use.

According to The Shooting Wire, their affiliate The Outdoor Wire recently obtained a memo from Kroger executives which informed all print magazine distributors who serviced Kroger brand and affiliated stores that the grocery chain would no longer carry, display or sell magazines with “assault weapons content,” though firearms-related publications not containing such content would still be permitted.

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Why The Mom and Pop Gun Store Will Always Be the Backbone of the 2A


So recently the big news on the gun control front was that the big national sporting goods chain, Dick’s Sporting Goods, would STOP selling AR-15 type Rifles and RAISE the age limit to buy Long guns from 18 to 21 years of age. In true spineless corporate fashion, L.L Bean, Wal-Mart and Kroger (Fred Meyer Stores) announced they would  also be raising the age limit from 18 to 21 for long gun purchases. Kroger went so far as to announce they would discontinue the sale of firearms completely in their Fred Meyer locations. If you have been keeping up, this really isn’t that big a piece of news. Dick’s Sporting Goods stopped selling AR-15 Rifles after the Sandy Hook massacre.

Listen folks, as long as you put faith in these Corporate goons like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Ed Stack who is reported to be worth a cool $1.2 BILLION to look out for your Second Amendment rights you are going to be let down. Why? Because they are public companies, traded on the NYSE and as such, are beholden to New York and International  liberal shareholders and boards whims and opinions. In other words folks, this move has nothing to do with “morals” or ‘Doing the right thing because of those kids”, it is because of profit margins and not pissing off liberal shareholders who threatened to pull their 5 and 10% stakes in the company if this wasn’t done. Simple economics always explains most things in the business world, not morality.

The only hope we gun owners have is the small, NON-CORPORATE “Mom and Pop” Gun store. Almost every town of any size has one and they need our patronage! These small businesses have always been there for us. They don’t sway in the political winds of change. They do not fall prey to the latest trends. They simply stay rock solid through it all. Because after all, they could give two craps about people’s “Opinions”, because in the economy of small business, they, the owner and operator, control the purse strings, not a board of directors or a small group of investors. When you look at it from a broad perspective, this is the reason the small, non-corporate business ENCAPSULATES the true Democratic ideal of freedom.

So my fellow gun owners, make your decision now who you are going to patronize for your next gun or ammo purchase. Remember the list above of retailers and the decisions they have already made and ask yourself “Do I really want to support a company with these kind’s of beliefs?”

To me, the answer is crystal clear. Hell No!

Stay Dangerous!

CYA on Private Gun Sales!

gun sales

I just came across this Firearm Bill of Sale on The Gun Blog Black List and I think it is something every armed citizen needs to do with EVERY private gun sale they do.

The nature of PRIVATE firearm transactions has always been a Legal “Grey” Area and as of late when something goes sideways it always seems to be more of an issue as to WHERE the gun came from rather than WHO used the gun in the first place.

With the Political Winds blowing toward even more Restrictive Gun Laws and Regulations to include the possibility of Background Checks being made Mandatory on ALL Private Gun Sales (Something I am totally against), this form is just another safeguard that shows you were RESPONSIBLE with the sale of the firearm and did not need Big Brother telling you to do it.

I personally believe the Government meddling in a private citizens affairs and keeping records (or a “Database”) of firearm purchases is illegal and Unconstitutional according to the Second Amendment and I think it needs to be made known to the buyer that this is NOT a record you intend to pass on to Law Enforcement.  This is simply a Personal Record you intend to keep under lock and key to Legally Cover Your Own Ass in the event of a problem with the gun or the gun sale later on down the road.

There is also the added benefit of having a receipt that states the firearm is in AS IS condition when sold. I know some of you more seasoned gun seller and buyers are aware of this fact, but some of the green gun rookies out there may not be, so this is just another legal form of protection in the event the buyer suddenly finds some problems  with the gun.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!