7.62x39mm Gel Test – 7 Loads Put to the Test

7.62x39mm Gel Test – 7 Loads Put to the Test


The Jello Test on seven common x39 loads.

If you ever want to get the scoop on Practical Penetration testing, check out fellow Texan and Firearms Zen Master Ole’ Painless over at the Box o’Truth.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Expedient .380 SMG

That’s one Ugly gun but soon and very soon we are not gonna care about looks, only that it goes boom and not click every time we pull the trigger.

Guerilla Gunsmithing 101.

Impro Guns

A submission from a reader. PA Luty’s .380 machine pistol built to the plans with modern modifications including a barrel which was rifled using the ECM method as well as 3D printed sights.

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Modifying the Kalash: A Basic AK Upgrade

Good practical suggestions the only other thing I would add is a Trigger Retainer Plate and a Quality Muzzle Brake if one is not already attached.

Here is my 2 cents on Practical AK Mods.


I’ve had a lot of questions concerning the AK platform since the last several articles I’ve written about it, and a lot of them revolve around modernizing the weapon. None of this is really anything new or revolutionary. in fact, the couple of mods I’m going to discuss here have been around for a looong time, but have become an industry standard for the high-end AK manufacturers such as Rifle Dynamics and Meridian Defense.

Palmetto State Armory’s PSAK, UW Gear Swamp Fox and Ontario RTAK II.

The first modification in bringing your Kalash to the modern era of combat is to ditch the wood for polymer. Yeah, I know, I’ve got a strong affinity for that classic look too, but anyone who’s put a lot of rounds through the AK rapidly knows that wood handguards get scorching hot in a hurry- so much so that they’re impossible to…

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Plastic Defence – Illegal 3D Printed Guns in Europe (Documentary)

Impro Guns

PLASTIC DEFENCE is a documentary about illegal 3D printed firearms in Europe and the decentralised network behind them. These guns are robust, they don’t blow up in your hands, and they’re untraceable. What’s more, they’re being made in people’s bedrooms.”

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