Reading For The Near Future

I highly recommend going over to WRSA and spending some time reading through their reference reading materials on GW and 4GW.

It would be time better spent than reading fake news and fear mongering I assure you.


Western Rifle Shooters Association

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End State — Times 57

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Read Herschel.

Then read Aesop.

Then get working.


9 or 12 – your choice.

Capable of mutual support with other like-minded folks.

Or division into two-man teams.

Times 1000.

In each state.





Able to do each.

Able to teach each.

Followship and leadership.

Supporting (discreetly) a state-level no-compromise Second Amendment political organization.

In every state.

And across regions.

The Reds are serious.

Are you?


If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.

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Jungle Crash: Notes on Operation Jaque

Good Stuff from the Brushbeater/NC Scout.

Matt Bracken passed along the following: Last night the Nat Geo channel showed the episode “Jungle Crash,” where a joint Colombian/US .mil ELINT surveillance plane crashes in FARC territory in the early 2000s. DEA and .mil operators are captured and spend 5 years in FARC jungle camps. The only video I could find shows the…

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Radio Contra Episode I

This is AP’s first podcast so drop what you are doing, tune in and try to learn something!


Radio Contra Episode 1: NC Scout discusses parallels between the Chechen resistance against the Russian Army to Appalachian folk and the potential future fight against a standing army in the Appalachian region. Music: Clutch “Son of Virginia” Aukai Collins “My Jihad” H. John Poole “The Tiger’s Way” Baofeng UV-5R Primary Arms’ ACSS Scopes Palmetto State…

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The Auxiliary

In the coming months we have to keep our mentality PRACTICAL and GROUNDED in reality if we expect to survive.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

With the continuing events happening within the Washington DC Inner Loop and in states around the country, my worst fears of civil strife are sadly coming to fruition. I sat there sipping my morning cup of coffee watching Senate Leader McConnell’s response to the two articles of Impeachment passed Wednesday night in the US House…

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A Good Read On PsyOps in Guerrilla Warfare

Another worthwhile read from AP.

Do yourself a favor and become a student of the in’s and out’s of Guerilla Warfare.

The life you save may be your own.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


One of the most frequent questions I get, whether its in class, comments on posts, or in emails, is folks lamenting about what ‘they can be doing now’, normally resigned to the fact that the declining situation of US politics are outside their control. Not so. In fact, much can and should be done, with…

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Homemade Firearms Used In Halle Attack

Homemade Firearms Used In Halle Attack


Armed Citizens take heed.

Today it is the “Criminal” who uses weapons like these.

But How About in the future when Gun Control takes hold and the Law Abiding Citizen becomes the Partisan?

It’s all a matter of perspective and necessity.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!