Is the NFA Unconstitutional?

Is the NFA Unconstitutional?


Knowledge is Power folks and right now the ATF is in full-court press mode against Citizen Firearm Owners en masse using every dastardly backdoor legal trick in the book to ensnare and imprison us.

Namely Ex-Post Facto Legal Actions.

Don’t become another hapless Victim.

Setting Up A Kalashnikov For Combat

Setting Up A Kalashnikov For Combat: The Palmetto State Armory GF-3E


Outstanding article by fellow AK Afficionado and one of the best trainers currently working in the business, NC Scout (aka Brusbeater.)

As I have said many times, If you are in the market for an AK, Palmetto State Armory is the place to go.

FYI: Scout’s Article on the PSA AK-104 is required reading for the student of the Kalash.


The Folly of Gun Control in Brazil

Where there is a WILL there is a WAY.
Never under estimate men who want to be armed.
This is a snapshot of FUSA in under 10 years.

After Balkanization is complete, hundreds of skilled armorers will begin churning out QUALITY Weaponry despite the Federal Govt.’s aim to “CONTROL” it.

Are you Prepared to be an “Outlaw” when it comes to your Second Amendment Rights?


“Before all Else, Be Armed.” -Machiavelli

Impro Guns

The local gang armorers are pumping these things out in ever increasing numbers from a few dollars worth of scrap pipe and the authorities are helpless to stop it.

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Know Your WW2 Weapons: The Suppressed OSS M3 Grease Gun with a Trigger Booby Trap

The Suppressed OSS M3 Grease Gun with a Trigger Booby Trap


I always liked the Grease Gun ever since I saw one in action watching The Dirty Dozen with Lee Marvin and Charlie Bronson with my Dad when I was a kid.