A Snapshot of what a 4GW Insurgency is Going to Look Like in the 21st Century


A Recent post on Impro Guns showing a squad of Anti-Junta Myanmar rebels armed with an assortment of homemade guns, including the venerable 3D Printed FGC-9 is a very realistic picture of what insurgencies could possibly look like going forward in the 21st Century.

Although a full auto capable pistol carbine like the FGC-9 is not an ideal weapon to fight an insurgency, modifications were made such as a longer barrel and better sights.

Lest we forget our history, WW2 Partisans in France and Europe were equipped with pistol caliber (9mm) SMG’s like the Sten Mk IV.



The Community Quartermaster


The Community Quartermaster


A really good and practical read for the Serious Martial Citizen.

The days are coming very soon where “Arm Thy Neighbor” will be the Rally Cry!

The reality is not everybody is going to have a gun when the hammer drops and you are going to need multiple armed warm bodies for your tribe to stay safe when things start shitting the bed en masse.

Better to prepare Now for that Eventuality.


Instead of buying that $1500 tricked out AR, but two Budget AR’s or 3 Basic Shotguns or 3 Basic 9mm Pistols.

*For Further Reading Check Out Arm Thy Neighbor over at American Partisan

Prepare Smart and Accordingly!

Guerilla Gunsmithing: .22 improvised firearms

A stroll down the plumbing aisle at Home Depot and wha-la you got yourself a .22 Magnum Pistol.


Impro Guns

Deadly concealable untraceable Ghost Guns assembled from screwed together bits from the plumbing and bathroom section.

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In Memoriam: JStark


JStark was the man behind the documentary on 3D Printed Guns in Europe: Plastic Defense

Thanks to Impro Guns for the Heads Up.

Live Free or Die.


Guerilla Gunsmithing

Gunsmith Tools – Top 5 Tools You Should Own


Learn how to repair and modify your own weapons to include Field Repair.

It’s not as hard as you think.

Hard Times a Comin’.

Prepare Accordingly.