The Reds DO NOT want you to see this Video

The Reds Don’t Want You To See This Video


More Irrefutable Proof that the FIX was in long before election day folks.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Normal American: The Revolutionary Red Zone

Originally appearing on Normal American. -NCS Wresting control of a once-free republic like America has been a painstaking job for our gulag-obsessed revolutionaries. They understand that if the people’s revolution kicks off too early, normal Americans might object in no uncertain terms. Our betters would love to set up guillotines for deplorables and sundry subhumans…

Normal American: The Revolutionary Red Zone — American Partisan


It’s worth re-posting this to urge all my readers to SAVE THIS work to a Flash Drive ASAP.

This is some of the finest investigative journalism EVER DONE.

Don’t let the Work Mike did be in vain.

Karl Dahl sends: Mike Vanderboegh’s Absolved is available online in a completed form. Get it before it gets memory holed.

Absolved — American Partisan

Virginia “Coonman” Lectures Us!

More Hypocritical liberal fodder.


The nerve of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam! On Thursday, after ordering a statue of Robert E. Lee be removed, he had the gall to lecture Virginians and indeed all Americans about being racists. 530 more words

Virginia “Coonman” Lectures Us! — Frauds, Crooks and Criminals