County-Comm Spring 2022 Product Review


My good friends over at County-Comm have a few products they wanted to show off.

Please be Good Patrons and visit their amazing site today.

I have been doing business with these guys for a LONG time and the quality of their gear is unsurpassed.


Jumbo Parts Tray-Armorer-Non-Slip

Honestly, what man who tinkers and does his OWN work around the house does not need a quality tray to keep up with small parts? I got mine in International Orange so I can spot those small parts easily! As I have gotten older I have found I need to stack the odds in my favor any chance I get! 😎


Compact Trauma Shears (Gen 3) by Maratac

I have reviewed Maratac Shears before but these are the new Gen 3’s and are AMAZINGLY sharp and compact (5.75″ long). Seriously at this price you need to have a few of these. One in your Go-Bag, One in your VBOB and one for the House. Sharp shears are just a necessity for the practical prepper.


NFH – Neck, Face and Head Cover

The NFH Cover can be worn so many ways to provide protection to your neck face and head, Protect your face from UV, wind, cold, and those ever present judging eyes. Each NFH is made from 100% stretch spandex, making it light weight, breathable and soft. Each NFH is made extra long to give you that extra protection and wearing options.


Quick – Lock Poly Resin Hobbyist Hemostat – Gen 2

These are a must have for my fellow model hobbyist out there! The Quick – Lock Poly Resin Hobbyist Hemostats have a plethora of applications, making them an ideal addition to your workbench. Because of their unique composition, they are impervious to acid making them great to use when pickling and much more. It comes with serrated tips; giving the Plastistat super holding power without scratching, and since they are made of plastic, they may be filed into any shape desired. And, the looped handles were designed to make it easy for you to hold jewelry suspended in your ultrasonic machine, without you holding them.

Widgy Pry Bars 

Who does not piece of curved heat treated D9 steel on his keychain or in his tool chest? Seriously, I have one of all sizes of these doo-dads and have used them multiple times for everything from scraping old registration stickers off the windshield to prying loose screws and nails. Utilitarian is an understatement!


Afterburner Glow Tag

One of the things I Love about County-Comm is they are always coming out with PRACTICAL gear for the PRACTICAL PREPPER/MARTIAL MINDED CITIZEN!  These Glow-Tags are awesome for putting on any of your Survival, Prepping or Camping Gear or anything else you want to find easily in the dark. Remember folks, when you need to find something in a hurry, chances are it will be in the dark!

Prepare Accordingly!


Civilian Legal Flashbangs

H/T American Partisan



My two cents: The cost of these things ($47 each) is ridiculous compared to what you actually get.

I think I would rather spend my money on reloading supplies.

But, If you think you really need to have something like this you would be better off buying a surplus of fireworks on July 4th and making a few dozen sparkler bombs.

Are they going to be as easy to detonate as a grenade? No.

Are they going to be comparable to 127 decibels? Depends.

Do your research and go easy. Don’t be the idiot who creates a stick of dynamite and then blows off his hand.

Seriously, sparkler bombs are no joke, But if you want a cheap “Distraction Device” they will definitely get somebody’s attention and if discharged in a confined space have similar effects as a flashbang.

Redneck Ingenuity 101.


How Long Does a Ferro Rod Last?

How Long Does a Ferro Rod Last?


When was the last time you practiced starting a fire FROM SCRATCH with just a Ferro Rod, striker and some tinder?

A good Ferro Rod and Striker, like this one from County-Comm, is worth it’s weight in gold.

I also keep a sandwich bag full of dryer fluff (that stuff on your dryer filter) stuffed inside a couple of cardboard toilet paper rolls for tinder in my GO-Bag. If available, it’s also smart to keep some lighter pine handy with your tinder.

Creating Technological Parity With The ‘Modern Warfighter’

The last time I was out in Wyoming, K from Combat Studies Group and I had a lot to discuss over some quality Pendleton Rye- everything from the latest in electronic security options to (obviously) communications but we went down a deep rabbit hole on the importance of technological parity for Patriot Partisans; that is,…

Creating Technological Parity With The ‘Modern Warfighter’, by NC Scout — American Partisan