More Proof Illegal Immigration is Literally Killing America

22 MS-13 Members Charged In ‘Killing Spree’: 19 Are Illegals Who Entered In Last 4 Years!

I remember when this story first broke I asked this question out loud because the MSM were being suspiciously quiet about it…Now we know why!

Almost all of the murderers were ILLEGALS!

Enough pussy footing around Trump, Build the Friggin Wall and Change these retarded Immigration Laws that allow this non-sense.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Criminal Awareness/Gang Profiles: The Aryan Brotherhood


Inside The Aryan Brotherhood, One Of The World’s Most Dangerous Prison Gangs

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With the recent uptick in gang violence, I thought it be a good ideal to do some profiles on some of the major gangs.

For those of you that have not read it, the 2015 Texas Gang Threat Assessment put out by the TX Dept. pf Public Safety is worth a look.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Crime Awareness: Ultra-Violent Gangs Thrive in Chaotic Venezuela


Ultra-violent gangs thrive in chaotic Venezuela despite crackdown

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If you are a smart level-headed prepper and Civilian Operator then you have been studying what has been happening in Venezuela since the country started falling apart under a Socialist regime some time ago. From the Food Shortages to the Gun Confiscations, this is “prepper prophecy” unfolding right before our eyes. Most folks way smarter than me in areas of study such as Political Science and Sociology have said that Venezuela is a case study for what will eventually happen here in the United States in the next decade once Socialism and Sharia Law takes a firm hold.

As a Prepper, one of the most critical elements to understand as we look at this “glimpse into our future” is how CRIME is going to spread like wildfire and WELL ARMED GANGS are going to present a serious threat to our physical security. If scenes from Road Warrior and Clockwork Orange are running through your head, you can lock those images away for now, I don’t think it is going to get that bad, but I do think things are going to be much worse than many people think.

One thing I DO KNOW for sure: Self-Reliance will not only be a mainstay, it will be a NECESSITY TO STAY ABOVE GROUND! 

Dependence on Law Enforcement to “Lock up the Bad Guy’s” and Protect you from the “boogeyman” will be a pipe dream.

Better to come to that realization NOW if you have not already folks and start arming yourself and training LIKE A MAD MAN in realistic tactical and self-defense skill-sets NOW!

A man and woman’s ability to stay well armed and fortified with a best case scenario of having a family unit or like-minded clan to help him defend their castle and keep will improve their survivability tremendously.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


Cartel Corner #95: Guatemalan Gangs Crafting IED’s

cartel IED

Guatemalan Gangs Are Now Crafting Remote-Detonated Bombs

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With Trans-National Gangs like MS-13 routinely traversing Americas porous Southern Border, these types of terrorist tactics will definitely rear their ugly head in the U.S. in due time.

I highly urge all CO’s to keep tabs on any and all Gang activity in your area.

If you live in the Great State of Texas, Here is a Gang Intel Resource.

I also highly urge you to learn all you can about recognizing IED’s and Bombs when possible.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!