China tests swarm of ‘suicide drones’ launched from a truck and helicopters

Everyday the novel Ghost Fleet written in 2015 by PW Singer is becoming a daily reality.


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Insider says the small fixed-wing unmanned aircraft was commissioned under Beijing’s military-civilian fusion strategy

He doesn’t give details of the aircraft, but they appear to be similar to the country’s first tactical attack drone, according to video footage

Minnie Chan 16 Oct, 2020

Video footage shows the kamikaze drones being test-launched last month. Photo: Weibo
Video footage shows the kamikaze drones being test-launched last month. Photo: Weibo

China has developed a new low-cost “suicide drone” that is despatched in a swarm to attack a target, according to mainland media reports.It was commissioned as part of the government’s military-civilian fusion strategy, a People’s Liberation Army insider who requested anonymity told the South China Morning Post. The policy seeks to boost military development with civilian and private sector support.

A swarm of the fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles was tested last month by the developer, a research institute under state-owned China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, according to a video released by the company.

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Military Grade Information Warfare


Do not neglect your understanding of how Information Warfare works and the length D.C. swamp creature douche-nozzle REMF’s like McChrystal will go to use it.

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Texas News: Chinese Wind Farm Deep in the Heart of Texas?

Deep in the Heart of Texas, a Chinese Wind Farm Raises Eyebrows

As if Black Power Anti-White Marxist was not enough, now we have to worry about Commie Chinks waging 4GW as well?

Give us a break down here Donald, Jesus.

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What comes next? You’re behind the curve on training. Fix that.

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