How Much Cash Should You Keep In Your Home?

How Much Cash Should You Keep In Your Home?


Regardless of your budget, you should always maintain SOME cash at Home, my advice would be a minimum of three month’s operating expenses if you can swing it.

As far as Stash spots, get creative!

Prepare Accordingly!


Food Shortages and Garbage Feed

Biden says ‘food shortages are gonna be real’


Thanks for that late breaking news you senile waste of space.

You can’t say I didn’t warn you guys about this over two years ago when the signs started becoming painfully obvious.

If you have not taken steps to become more self-sustainable with your own food production, now is the time, although I will be honest: You are coming drastically late to the party.

And as if all this wasn’t enough bad news to get your ass in gear to start producing your OWN FOOD, a recent twitter post reveals what is REALLY being fed to commercial meat hogs: GARBAGE FEED, yummy!

Nothing like Micro-Plastics in the Blood to ensure longevity and your children’s future!

FUSA Bulletin: Digital Currency Coming Soon

Programmable Digital Currency


While all the Sheep are Distracted with Ukraine and Putin, the Wolves in D.C. are plotting the DEMISE of what’s left of FUSA and the U.S. Dollar.

A veritable SHIT STORM is about to hit this Country folks.

Hope you got a Raincoat.




Cartel Tactics: Mom-and-Pop Stores – Perfect Money Laundering Vehicles on US-Mexico Border

Mom-and-Pop Stores: Perfect Money Laundering Vehicles on US-Mexico Border


In the 21st Century of crypto-currency and shell corporations, some cartels still launder their dirty money the old-fashioned way.


FedCoin Crypto? With K from Combat Studies Group

FedCoin Crypto? With K from Combat Studies Group


My buddy NC Scout discusses some very interesting and disturbing developments in the financial sector on his most recent Radio Contra Podcast.

Remember: When the Sheep are distracted, the Wolves are plotting.

Stay Aware and Prepare Accordingly.