A Modern Look At Guerrilla Radio Equipment

Good Stuff from Brushbeater.


Watching a recent media piece on the FARC, I noticed a few shots of their radio equipment they were using to communicate between camps. Look familiar? Its a Yaesu 817 being run from a Sealed Lead Acid battery. Here’s a better shot: Interesting layout by one of their RTOs: The old 817 appears to be […]

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Caching With PVC


Practical knowledge for the forward thinking guerilla.

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No Encryption, No Problem: Analog Radio Operations for Guerilla Units



When it comes to learning Comms in the field, you cannot beat Brushbeater.

This guy has BTDT and got the snazzy T-shirt.

A really excellent, rubber meets the road, no bullshit article on how small guerilla units can maintain secure comms in the field.

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The Stealth Campfire

As a writer and western history buff, I like to practice things that I come across in my research and reading.

This type of fire was used frequently in the old west by hunters, trappers, settlers and soldiers mainly so as not to draw the attention of hostile indians.

Fast forward to today and it is a great skill-set to add to your bushcraft repertoire when stealth is the order of the day.

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Ditch Medicine: Laceration Management



Another great article on Ditch medicine…a skill-set we ALL need to sharpen and keep sharp.

If you have not already, I highly encourage you guys to subscribe to American Partisan, IMO it is one of the top 5 Online Magazines for the Martial Citizen/Prepper/Patriot out there.

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Why So Many Western Covert Operations Have Failed Since World War II

Shots in the Dark – Why So Many Western Covert Operations Have Failed Since WW2


A Great read both from a historical point of view and practical, Civilian Operator POV on the RELEVANCE of Guerilla Warfare in the 21st Century.

You have to Understand the Lessons of History in order not to repeat the mistakes of the past….this is why every Warrior needs to be a Scholar and Historian FIRST!

Read this article twice and look up the links and read about them…this is a study worthy of your time I promise you.

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