French Foreign Legion Navigation Hack



Nifty trick when you find yourself lost in the woods.


Brushbeater’s Field Reference Manuals

My buddy Brushbeater is having a second run done on his outstanding Field Reference Manuals to include:

RTO Tacstop

SF Antenna Handbook

FM 7-93 Long Range Surveillance Operations

FM 23-10 Sniper Training.

Map Reading and Land Navigation

USMC’s version of Scouting and Patrolling

Survival, Evasion and Recovery


Each of the titles are top spiral bound and pocket sized for use in the field, $20 per copy shipped. These are meant to be used in the field and serve as training guides for you and your people.

To order, email him direct at:


Swiss Army 1972 Tactics: Vintage Film “Infantry Combat” (w/English subtitles)

H/T American Partisan


Fed Up With this Bullshit? Best Thing you can do right now is TRAIN.

You can sit around and Bitch and Moan about this senile asshat and his grandiose fuck-ups OR you can use your time wisely and PREPARE and TRAIN.

Make no Mistake, a Reckoning is coming and when the Hammer Drops most of these blowhard keyboard warriors will be not be at the showdown.

They will be hiding; waiting on somebody to save them. Except nobody is coming. You are on your own.

This World is going to need Warriors.

Cold Hearted fucking savages who understand the importance of Guerilla Tactics, the Application of Attrition Warfare and the importance of Brotherhood.

So Stop Bitching and go TRAIN.









Is your Blow-Out Kit Stocked and Ready?

Just a FYI for those who do not understand the lingo: A Blow-Out Kit is not for the tires on your Truck nor is it a “boo-boo” kit with band-aids and neosporin.

BOK’s are Trauma Kits for serious life saving applications such as gunshot and knife wounds and staunching major arterial bleeding.

I typically keep three BOK’s: One in my BOB (Bug-Out-Bag) one on my Rifle Rig (Chest Rig or Riflemans Belt) and one in each Vehicle.

Softt-W 4 Gen4 Tourniquet

Beacon Chest Seals

Chito Gauze XR Pro

Quickclot Trauma Pack

Israeli Battle Dressing

EMT Shears

Small roll of Duct Tape

Pair of Heavy Duty Exam Gloves